EAD lovers: tell me about the $10K TM Sig Classic

I want to hear from any 'philes out there who have (or have heard) what some still say was EAD's best sounding prepro. Yeah, it was "only" a 20 bit machine, and it didn't have 5.1 analog bypass, but how would it compare to some of the newer stuff out there, like an Audio Refinement Pre-5 or McCormack MAP-1, or even a Krell HTS2 or 8800Pro? I'd like to get a feel for whether it could still hold up purely as a multichannel preamplifier, and what its sonic characteristics were like.
I forgot.Since the the Alpha Digital EAD is NOT a true balanced pre/pro,other than convenience there is no audible improvement of single ended.
How would something like this (Classic) compare to one of these good analog multichannel preamps?
You have no dsp engines with them.Since bass management,roll off, ect , are pretty much very bacic in most of these DVD and Universal Player systems you probably would be be very limitied in customizing your sound
Well, my loss. I was unwilling to exceed my maximum on the auction, so I lost out on the TM Classic. Oh well.

As far as BM, some DVD players like the Marantz have pretty decent capability. I can do speaker size settings, distance for each speaker to the nearest 6 inches (okay, it's not to the nearest inch), gain to the nearest 1/2 dB. Don't have variable crossover (I think). I'm hoping the 9500 or Onkyo SP1000 will be better.

I feel bad for losing out on the Classic, but for the going price, plus the extra money for the Black Gate and Rectifier mods from Boelen it would have put me in a price range where I could buy a decent used 6 channel preamp. The purest audiophile in me likes that option better (I have to say this to keep from kicking myself, although it is really true), as I still can't see why I'd be spending money on a source with all that stuff in it if I'm just going to run it through more conversions or override it.
EAD is out of business. If you want a better sounding but also out of business pre/pro go with the California Audio Labs SSP 2500. I have owned them both and the Cal is far superior.