EAD Theater Master Sig. or Casablanca II

HELP!!!! Putting together 7.1 HT have purchased JMLabs Utopias:Mezzo's,center, mini's and sides. REL Stadium III and a Richard Gray Line Cond. 7 monoblocks and a Pioneer Pro710 for now. Really struggling with choice of processor and DVD/CD Transport. I'm running out of $$$$ fast but can't stop. I need to find the right processor and transport. Can anyone help ?
Both are excellent sounding units. EAD has a 7.1 analog by pass for DVD-A and SACD. The Theta does not. Theta seems more upgradeable but is much more expensive. If you are trying to save some money, I'd buy the EAD.
Also the Casbalanca II is loaded with bugs.If you go to the AVS forum you will see a # of people with prolems.If 2 channel is important, I also would go with the EAD.
I have seen The CasablancaII in action. With the new DavidII as your transport. Forget About It.
I own the Sim Attraction (basically, an EAD Sig w upgraded dacs/analog section- they make the digital board for the Sim unit). Very full, smooth sound, yet with excellent resolution as well. If you get the EAD Sig processor, make sure you use a good speaker cable. I went from an Audioquest brand (Forrest??) to Cardas Golden Hex 5C, and MUCH fuller sound- vocals more lifelike with a stronger presence.

I should add that I chose this OVER the Casablanca, which would have matched my Theta Dreadnaught amp perfectly, so I guess that tells you something about the sound... Also, the Sim Attraction runs true balanced outs to all 6 channels!! (5 + sub), which I believe the EAD ddoes not even do. Problem is, the Sim Attraction HT processor doesn't seem to have as wide a marketing focus and maybe not as many dealers as EAD- too bad... Good luck with your decision!

Sounds like the EAD is winning out over the Casablanca II, especially considering the price gap, and last I heard there was a 5 to 6 week wait for the Theta. Allthough that says something by itself. But I havn't seen any EAD's falling off the shelves. Availability and $$$ play a big role too. Is there a good (awesome) DVD/CD transport that would match up to one or the other better?
Blob7, check out the Camelot Roundtable. I bought mine used but audioadvisor has them if you want to see one. Also try www.camelot-tech.com, follow the links in there and check out where it smoked a bunch a really nice top-grade players in the big on-line shootout. I understand the EAD is also close and runs a very similar, if not the same chipset as the Camelot. Either one should perform well for you.