EAD Theatermaster Encore Opinions

I have a chance to pick up an older Encore for @ 1,200, that needs to be upgraded both the display and software. If this a worthwile investment? I have a Cal Alpha DAC that would not be able to be used with the current Analog inputs, because of the A to D to A reconversion. I have heard that this is a very musical pre amp, any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Look at it this way. You can upgradethe Encore to the latest Ovation-8 Theatermaster for $1650. Add a $200 for display and latest remote for roughly $1850. Yuortotal cost would be just over $3000 for what is bascially a brand new Theatermaster Ovation-8. The pricing for the Ovation-8 is $4500. Sounds like a deal. I have the 5.1 Ovation, that I bought becasue I felt I needed both a new pre-amp and and a DAC. The EAD Ovation, in that light, was a bargain with exceptional sound. The Encore isn't far off that mark, so for $1200 it's cheap (they are $3000 new) and It would have a very economic upgrade path should you want to go that way.
it is a very good prepro built by a copmpany on shaky ground finacially and lousy customer service, I was going to buy a new 1, but there are constant delays and broken promises, its hard to put money in a product from a company that may not be around for long. but at 1200 used I thing you have a good deal as long as it is not defective, good luck