EAR 324 vs Einstein The Turntable Choice

I'm using the EAR 324 right now to much delight - definitely a class above the Pass Xono but I'm wondering if anyone has tried the Einstein as well in order to make a comparison. Comments are as usual greatly appreciated.
Did you check for phase inversion and set the loading the same ? Try different loading ? I have found with my Klyne it prefers to be loaded much higher than normal, ie 47k for most moving coils.
That I didn't try though. Another irksome thing is the great amount of heat generated with the set on standby all the time.
I think it is "dangerous" to draw conclusions after only a very brief listen to two components, especially when it sounds like you are not being rushed to make a decision. The aphorism "all that glitters is not gold" is applicable to audio components; what you think is so compelling about the EAR after a very brief listen might end up being a source of irritation in the long run. So why not take your time and a few days of listening to each before jumping to conclusions? One reason I say this is because by all accounts, and all other things being equal, the Einstein should be superior to the EAR 324. I have no dog in this fight; I have never heard either.

What I do like a lot about the EAR is its front-panel adjustability for cartridge loading, so if it really is competitive with the Einstein, I would choose it for that reason.
As a former Einstein dealer, I can tell you the phono stage (balanced version here) is anything but flat and CD-like, nor is it tubey. Shsohis, since you didn't describe at least the associated cartridge and line stage preamp, there is no way to know, but I strongly suspect you had the incorrect load resistors, which take only a few seconds to change, and it's easy to know when you've found the ones that are just right. The EAR isn't in the same league by any stretch.
As of today, I own both the Einstein (single ended) and the Ear 324. The EAR is on its way to me. I will post my personal findings after I've gone through the honeymoon period with the EAR. I've owned the Einstein for a few years and know it very well.