EAR 324 vs Einstein The Turntable Choice

I'm using the EAR 324 right now to much delight - definitely a class above the Pass Xono but I'm wondering if anyone has tried the Einstein as well in order to make a comparison. Comments are as usual greatly appreciated.
Dear Shsohis: I never had and heard both phono stages in the same system at the same time but I rememebre both quality performances.

The EAR is a good PS for its price and we can't ask more for it, what mean I with that?, well the EAR is not so accurate as the Einstein and IMHO more colored than the Einstein.

No, IMHO the Einstein has not a " CD alike performance " but only more accurate and neutral that for me are main priorities in any audio item. The Einstein design is a high gain active one on LOMC against a passive ( SUT. ) one on the EAR. IMHO this passive EAR design degrade and colored the cartridge signal on LOMC cartridges ( the EAR low price came from this passive kind of design. ).

It is obvious that accuracy and neutrality/what is in the recording is not what you are looking for but something more " colored and distorted " and nothing wrong with that because each one of us are different about.

Me, for example, always try to hear and to be " nearest to the recording " and not only that but that that " nearest to the recording " sounds " good " at the same time.

I agree with Lewm: more listening time and agree with Essentialaudio that we have to have the right set up when we are doing comparisons and to all of us could help to know which cartridge you are testing and how it is surrounded other than the PSs.

Of course that the more important subject here is not what I think about but what you think and what you like because is you whom have to live with that audio system.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Wow I didn't expect the thread to be alive after 2 years. And yes, I have settled with the Einstein. Thanks for the inputs!
Well, I know the Turntable Choice is one of the very few Einstein components that ISN'T a tube unit, which is where they have earned their names. So when a company like Einstein goes the SS route, they probably understand the advantages of that technology in this type of component, especially one that is so near the beginning of the signal path.

I never owned an EAR but did switch from an Audio Research PH3 SE, mainly for gain reasons. (68 vs 54). I am a huge fan of ARC gear but really like the sound of the Einstein single-ended version I have. Very clean and powerful soundstage and I do leave it on all the time. Doing so improves the sound, especially if you are trying to audition something within the first 30 minutes or so.

The build quality is superb, as you might expect on a $5,500 unit, while the engineering and even the round shape makes sense.

How did you like the ear 324 on mm carts only? Plenty of adjustable gain, cap and loading adjustments ( including 100k) makes it look like an extremely good phono stage. And no sut in the mm stage.