Ear Candy: Most startling recordings.

OK, we all respect great musical talent and muscianship, but sometimes you put in a CD and you get one of those startling zany recordings that make you smile it is so strange. Some of Neil Young's stuff is kind of like that. Alot of Pink Floyd is like this. Sounds racing across the sounds stage, shifting mike position in mid recording. What are your favorite "ear candy" recordings?
Agree with Dead Can Dance, and last night Michael Bubble was performing personnaly "Fever" in our living room
Bob Dylan "Time out of Mind"

Still the best - "The Freewheeling Bob Dylan"
Anything on Reference Recordings! I got the bug for wind orchestra music through their recordings of the Dallas Wind Ensemble.

REFERENCE RECORDINGS ! Fantastic sound. Crown Imperial gives me goose bumps nearly every listen.
Time Out Of Mind - Bob Dylan
Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd
White Album - The Beatles