Easily the best and most significant sonic tweak one could ever make!

Well hearing aids of course (if you need them and many don’t realize they do). I was diagnosed with asymmetrical hearing loss in my right ear over a year ago at only age 52. Entirely in the upper frequency. (As hearing loss per my ENT is almost always symmetrical, the protocol for this unusual diagnosis is a MRI brain scan to rule out a tumor; thank God everything was normal there).

Anyway, while expensive (partially covered by Insurance in most plans in the States), the different listening to music is in absolute terms startling. The proverbial veil is wayyyyy lifted particularly on lyrics but really the whole presentation is improved from the midrange thru to the top registers.

Keep this in mind before upgrading your electronics or speakers and perhaps instead upgrade the most critical precision instrument....your ears! I share this and if it helps one member on here, well that would be really great.
My aids correct for high frequency ..but they screw up the phasing and I actually prefer nothing in my ears
Just be sure to charge them with a dedicated 20 amp circuit! Ha! Glad you were able to improve your situation. A good friend is mostly deaf in one ear and doesn’t really have any viable options. When he’s working on his setup he uses my ears to help get things dialed.
I went to the Village Vanguard once, and my table-mate had cochlear implants.  Had lost hearing as an infant. He told me he had learned to hear language through Books-on-Tape...and it had taken him awhile to realize he was on auto-repeat.  Said he had come to hear Tom Harrel because his brain had just recently begun to hear/process the trumpet. We sat in the front row.

Hearing and music are wondrous gifts.
Loudspeakers transduce electrical energy back to acoustic where the long transduction chain began. Now the HA pick up the sound waves in the air, transduce to electrical, amplify, then retransduce to acoustical. If the loudspeakers are outputting average SPL of 70db, then the HA will give you up around 90. Or so I understand. Of course HA are supposed to do more than amplify, and IMO, they do, though I can't say how. Maybe someone can clarify the mechanics and audionics here.  
I blow my nose before serious listening. Clears my ears and everything seems clearer. No kidding!