Eastern Electric Minimax phono+What Tubes?


Whats the best tubes for god 3D soundstage, Clear, good voises, instruments, tight bas.

I use a Tungsol 6x4 rectifier that I got from Bill when I ordered my EE phono. My favorite tubes by far are a set of very closely matched very low microphonic NOS RCA 5814A that I got from Vinatage Tube Services. I recommend Vintage Tube Services highly. You might call or e-mail the Eastern Electic distributor for some other tube recommendations.
I'm using a NOS Tung-Sol JTL-6X4WA rectifier which I bought from Bill OConnell, and 3 Groove Tube 12AX7M (Mullard) tubes. Others have reported that while using the same 6x4 they were using 3 new Tung-Sol 12AX7s and that they prefered these over the Groove Tubes, Sovteks, and JJs.
...as they say, YMMV!