Eastern Electric Minimax preamp

Wondering if you could please share your experience and opinions comparisions of this preamp. Thanks. (I have one)
The EE Minimax replaced a very competent Audible Illusions M3A in my system. With my current tube compliment - Tungsol 6x4w, Valvo (Philips rebadge) E80CC, and a cyrogenically treated Mullard 12AU7 (CV4003) box plate w/ square getter - this is one overperforming linestage preamplifier IMHO.

Bill O'Connell of Morningstar Audio Imports, which distributes Eastern Electric products, really stands behind his equipment with great service.

I agree the EE minimax is a terrific tubed preamp. I've considered one myself.Just remember it inverts polarity. So depending on what your using with it..you need to reverse your speaker cables. If your amplifier inverts polarity don't bother. Not a big deal though..some people like listening to music with inverted polarity.I'm sure there's plenty of equipment that does this..most people just don't know it.Then again some can't tell the difference any way.It will make the music seem more laid back with the polarity inverted..IMHO the bass is sacrificed when used this way though. There's no telling how many have sold a great piece of audio equipment and didn't know all they had to do was reverse their speaker cables.LOL

Bill is terrific no worries there at all!

Good listening!
After a year of pursuing preamps to replace my aging conrad-johnson, I chose the Minimax. In a head to head comparison with the Hovland 100 (new) and a used Audible Illusions 3A, the Minimax won handily. I've done some tube rolling, replaced the stock 6X4 with some NOS, tried several 12AX7s, and placed an E80CC in the 12AU7 spot (highly recommended!) - this was the final straw, it sounded so sweet I returned the Hovland, sold the 3A, and am ecstatically happy with the Minimax. It would be nice to have a tape out, but really, who cares? This sounds so good I can't imagine how much you'de have to spend to better it.