Easy Come Easy Go…….BOOM!

Gentleman, consider a lightning protection system for your home..You can bet my rebuild will have a very good one.

National Weather Service recorded a 63,000 amp strike on my property.

Full replacement value. Starting over

We all got out safe  



People talking about surge protectors need to understand the differenct between a direct hit that explodes the roof and a surge coming in on the power line when a power pole is hit a mile away.


Holy crap Nick that looks awful glad no one was hurt and that your house wasn't damaged even more. I hope you have great insurance and have fun building a new system if you can.

Glad you got out safe, sounds like you have the rest sorted. You seem to have a positive outlook, great example for the rest of us. 


Holy Cow!

I’ve seen trees hit I’ve been in a plane that’s been hit, I’ve even seen an old Dodge get zapped, but I have never seen anything like this!

So very glad you and yours made it out okay!