Easy Come Easy Go…….BOOM!

Gentleman, consider a lightning protection system for your home..You can bet my rebuild will have a very good one.

National Weather Service recorded a 63,000 amp strike on my property.

Full replacement value. Starting over

We all got out safe  



Not that this is necessarily relevant to the OP, but I've been thinking about a roof replacement and reading up on metal roofs.  They are no more/less prone to lightning than shingles but compared to asphalt shingles may be much less fire prone.  Also, if installed with an offset can offer significantly better heat rejection.

Taking a closer look at the damage, OP, it's a real shame that the lightning took out so much of your room acoustic treatments.... real shame.  😉

Whew!  That was close!  Is your home in a spot prone to getting struck by lightening?  The chances are the same today as the day it happened.

@elliottbnewcombjr -- The other picture Nick posted of his attic is even more frightening. The hole in the roof from what I assume to be the strike looks like a meteor hit the roof! Just unreal. The sound in the house had to be deafening -- I would need an entire new wardrobe of underwear!

@amitynick -- Sorry you are enduring this ordeal. One of your comments brings up a VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE for us in this hobby. You said:

"It’s going to be like a second job getting all of these replaced, and deciding which to choose not to replace because we’re gonna go over our maximum allowable limit."

I retired when I turned 55 after building an Insurance and Financial Services Corporation over 30 years. Another financial institution made me an offer too good to pass up. One of my "get on a soapbox and preach" situations occurred when I met individuals with valuable art, music, jewelry, gun, hell even baseball card, collections. Almost EVERY ONE of them had no idea that their normal Homeowners Insurance policy had very small limits of coverage for these types of collections. I mean, usually wouldn’t come close to touching the full replacement value. That’s what special Personal Articles Policies are for. Sure, they cost you extra premiums, but nothing compared to the costs if you lose everything and try to buy replacements. I have an Excel spreadsheet listing every vinyl album, Box Set, Bootleg, and CD that I own, along with updated sold prices. I keep the same info for all my Hi Fi gear, guns, jewelry, and Animation Cel Artwork collection. I have my State Farm agent update my Personal Articles coverage every 2 years and I have professional appraisals to back up my coverage claims. Being this diligent may seem to be "anal retentive"...but it might keep you from having to choose which albums or gear to do without after a disaster.


My thoughts and best wishes are with you, @amitynick, as you move forward. I’m glad you have a positive outlook and especially glad you and your Family are safe. That had to be a terrifying ordeal.

wow thank you so much for your thoughtful and caring comments. We actually have a pretty good policy. I’ve got contents insured for $350,000 but it’s not going to be enough that’s OK this is like the ultimate decluttering exercise Some of the stuff really should not be replaced. I have clothing that I haven’t worn in 10 or 15 years and stacks and stacks of books I have already read and a hot air popcorn machine that I never use etc. etc. Anyway, you can bet my stereo equipment is going to be replaced ha ha