Easy Come Easy Go…….BOOM!

Gentleman, consider a lightning protection system for your home..You can bet my rebuild will have a very good one.

National Weather Service recorded a 63,000 amp strike on my property.

Full replacement value. Starting over

We all got out safe  



@amitynick -- I'm glad you have that level of Contents Coverage.  Just be aware, certain items we own or collect have built in separate maximum amounts of coverage under Homeowners Policies that don't go up to the $350,000 as in your case.  Items I mentioned like jewelry, artwork, Coins, Postage Stamps, Watches, Vinyl Collections, etc., have to be covered and listed under Personal Articles Policies for accurate coverage.   Be sure to ask your insurance adjustor what exceptions there may be for items covered up to $350,000.  Here is an interesting article:



Wow!!  Looks like scene from a disaster movie!


if the TV came from Costco you can take it back. 

Panel surge suppression devices will not help in a direct strike situation. Your best strategy is to minimize likelihood of direct strikes by lowering the lightning profile of your house with properly installed “lightning rods”. I use “quotation marks” because they don’t actually divert lightning, but bleed off static charges that would attract lightning. The second part is a more prominent diversionary path for lightning to strike instead of your house. These are matters that require lightning specialists, not for your run of the mill contractor. 

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Was your house at a relatively higher elevation? No other taller buildings, etc nearby?