EAT E-Glo Petite Hybrid phono stage

I’m considering upgrading my PS Audio Nuwave phono stage and the EAT was recommended by a dealer I’ve purchased from in the past. Has anyone compared or own the EAT E-Glo series phono stages. The Petite is definitely affordable at $1495.00 but will it make enough of an improvement over what I currently have?  

I’m using a new Zephyr MIMC Star cart on an Acoustic Solid TT with an Audion 300b Special Edition Integrated amp into Zu Soul Superfly speakers. 


Still breaking it in but I’ve immediately noticed how real the instruments sound and more separation. I hope after breaking the vocals stand out a bit more, they seem a little pulled back at times right now. 

As as far as the phono cable, the one from the TT is hardwired Rega and I know it isn’t the best. I would love to change it but haven’t found an easy replacement solution yet. The cable going from the phono to power amp is a True Zen that I’m trying out. 
Added a pr. of Audio Envy phono cables from RMAF to a Bob’s Sky SUT.  Very, very good!  Smooth, open, detailed.  The ‘Captain’ makes very nice cables, nicely engineered, great values.  Together, Bob’s device adds refinement, space, a certain relaxation which creates the space for inner detail to ‘flower & flow’,  Van Morrison’s ‘’Versitile’ lp goes from a good lp to a current fave...  the E.A.T Petite has a beautifully nuanced midrange, sweet treble, and plenty of textured bass 4 my needs.  The Dyna 20xL sounds so musical & involving...
This a little after the first post but FYI. I also have the Petit, with EAT Jo No 8 cartridge, Rogue RH 5 preamp and it is a great sounding combo. And then I added the Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO MKII power supply that Kevin at Upscale audio gave a rave review. He is right! It took it to yet another level. It's hard to believe but I think it had great impact on the performance of the Petit, which is already outstanding.
I concur.  Running mine with the Sbooster as well.  I just picked an eat c sharp.  And trying to decide on getting another Sbooster for it or pick up the lps to power them both.

Currently running a dynavetor 20xl2 with Jan philps tubes.  Never heard with the stock tubes as I bought it used and they weren't included.
I have an E-Glow Petit en route and plan on rolling some tubes over the next few weeks. Has anyone else tried rolling with theirs? Would love to hear/share experiences.