EAT Tube Damper

Just sharing one person's experience with EAT tube dampers. Wow. A great experience!

- Zanden DAC 5000Sig
- CJ Act 2 Pre
- Gryphon Antileon
- SF Strads
- Velodyne DD18 (in parallel)
- Transp Ref Cabling
- PAD Ann Contego and Dominus Ferox PCs
- PS Audio Quintet (DAC/pre only)

Love my DAC but the Jan Phillips 6922 tube is exceedingly microphonic!!!...snap your fingers across the room, and the speakers ring! I had my DAC tilted on sandbags at a 30-degree angle to get it not to ring.

I replaced with a Mullard 6DJ8...better soundstage, dynamics, bass and NO microphony...but LESS musical to my ear...vocals not as I went back to the Jan Phillips and tilting the DAC.

Then a distributor recommended EAT tube dampers...just put it in...voila!

No microphony (so far) even on movie tracks with the Velodyne kicking. And sound technicals have improved:
- much greater instrument upgrading cables
- much clearer vocals
- greater soundstage and image solidity

So now I feel like I got the best of both worlds---the musicality of the phillips and the detail, presence, soundstage and depth of the what would happen if I put in a mullard 7308 or a phillips holland 7308??? ;)

Thanks, EAT!!!
No loss of harmonics? You also should try Amperex US PQ a very musical tube.
Thanks, Samhar. I have read your other posts before and appreciate your advice. I ordered a Mullard E88CC/6922 tube and an Amperex 7308 from Andy's Vintage Tubes. Andy was very helpful on the phone and I am looking forward to hearing these tubes after everything I have read and been told by people about them.
Hello! The 7308 Holland is a fantastic tube, rich, detailed and low in microphonics I'm not that familiar with the Mullard. The Amperex PQ is probably between the two. Other tubes worth trying are the Seimans EI88CC 7308 (detailed) and E88CC/6922(warmer). I'm still playing with power cords and will let you know the results IMS (in my system). Enjoy, Sam Harwood
Also as another option remember a fellow named Brent Jessie for tubes.Love your system,have a large weekend,Bob
Thanks for the advice. I have certainly seen Brent Jessie's name and read of his excellent reputation. Thanks.
As for PC's, Sam, I am awaiting an add'l PAD Dom Ferox and PAD Ann Contego to complete all my components...DAC, pre, amp, sub and from wall into PS audio quintet for DAC/pre. There many, many good ones out there...I have not experimented widely but took an instant liking to PAD dom ferox 2 yrs ago in the store and managed to pick up a few s/hand. Good luck and pls post your updates!
Lloyd I just hooked up a Mullard 7308 with the EAT tube damper to my Zanden. Better in every way mid-range wise. Bass is also much deeper and more pronounced...though with this has come a realization that the bass could use more definition...

...Thankfully when I ordered the mullard 7308 I also ordered an amperex 7308 which may improve on this. To be heard...

One way or the other, the EAT damper is doing wonders for my system...microphony, detail,

Lloyd how did the Amperex 7308 Holland compare to the Mullard 7308, the bass should be tighter! Was it in your system?
Hi Samhar,

I have only just received the Mullard 7308 and Amperex 7308. I have put the Mullard in first. So far, very impressive. The soundstage is fuller and stronger, the highs on a piano better, more natural. The bass feels like it is a half octave deeper...but i am curious to see when i put the amperex in whether i retain most of the above with tigher bass. will report back!

FWIW, i spoke with someone from Zanden who personally did highly recommend the mullard 7308 (and seemed to suggest his preference was over the amperex). I will report back! thanks.
Hello Lloyd
On another note I just bought a quad of Electro-Harmonix 6H30Pi from The Tubestore for the Act 2. I read(but can't remember where) these have a fuller mid range but are a little less extended at both ends than the Sovteks. One more variable to try!!!! A friend who's opinion I respect didn't feel the DR's were worth the price( no big improvement) so I'll start here.
I have heard far fewer success stories on rolling in the Act 2 with the 6H30P...not sure why. I will say that i have definitely heard plenty of good stories about the upgrade to Series 2...i feel confident i will do that some day. in fact, i have not heard one bad thing about the upgrade...only strong positives. Far more musical, lower noise floor, better dynamics...

let me know about cables when you can! Look forward to hearing more about your adventures. ;)
Lloyd I was putting new power tubes in the Joules this afternoon which requires disconnecting the speaker cables and wondered if you have your S/C reversed at the speaker because of the reverse polarity of the CJ Act 2?
Hi Samhar,

Thank you. Yes, my speaker cables are reversed at the speaker end of the termination (correct at the back of the Gryphon amp). This compensates for the Act 2 inverting. This is what is suggested by CJ. (Just need to double check that the amp does not also reverse...which in my case it does not). Any more word on the cables? Thanks!!!
Were you able to force yourself to pull the Mullard and try the Amperex? If you did what are your observations and conclusions of the two.
This weekend, I will focus on both the Amperex and the PAD Dom Ferox PC for my CJ Act 2.

I have only just finished breaking in the PAD past the 100hr mark which is an "ok" point at which to start listening. So far, I find it very hard to want to change the system because I am enjoying the music so much. I find it difficult to switch tracks because I just want to finish the whole track...a good sign. Hey, that's what we're in it for! Will post soon! Thanks, Samhar.
That's what I thought might be happening.
I love it! I bought new amp stands yesterday and could not stop listening for nine hours !!!
Nice!!! I am expecting my next Monday!!! Cannot wait...

So I have yet to do the tube switch. But I did do the PC switch. IMHO, impressions:

1. The Stock CJ cable is DAMN good. CJ did a great job matching, and no one who is on stock CJ is really missing out.

2. I was very, very surprised going back to the CJ stock cable. A touch "louder" feeling...much in the way taking out a Power conditioner can make the sound feel loudr/more dynamic.

Very musical, really very good and perfectly happy to leave it.

3. That said, I went thru the following tracks:

- Barber Adagio for Strings
- Celtic Harp
- Clapton Unplugged (Tracks 1&4)
- Jay-Z/Beyonce (Bonnie & Clyde)
- Chaos Restored II (Deep House compilation album...excellent!)

4. In the end, here's what is making me keep the Dom Ferox C in the CJ Act 2 Pre.

- lower noise floor
- the sound feels more 'at ease' coming thru
- the detailing/resolution throughout the spectrum while retaining musicality (thru the ease of sound quality I think) is just satisfying to listen to
- Particularly on massed strings (Adagio for Strings...Barber) really benefits from this

In conclusion, the Dom Ferox B massively improved my Zanden DAC. The Ann Contego really opened up the soundstage, power and resolution of the Gryphon. The Ferox C made very, very small improvements (to my ear and in my system) on the CJ Act 2. But while I obviously want to keep the Ferox C, I could easily say it would not be (particularly) missed if I took it out.

Hope that is helpful as my own experience. I am expecting one more PAD Ferox C for my Velodyne DD18. I will say Velodyne thought it was nuts. I have tried it, and the detailing, resolution and tightness really, really improved even though the majority of the sound spectrum does not filter thru a sub at fact, it was strangely better used there (almost) than in the CJ Act 2.

Next is Amperex over the Mullard 7318...I think I will do this next weekend as I am really enjoying listening, and it takes 4 hours for the Zanden to fully get up to speed. I will probably stick it in this week ad audition next weekend.

All for now...;)
BTW, Samhar, here is another way to liken what I heard (in my system with my ears) with the Dom Ferox C in the CJ Act 2. When I play Deep House on my Zanden, it sounds more like when I go to the record store and listen to Deep House on Vinyl thru a great pair of headphones. It has an ease to it that I find very very enjoyable.
Thanks Lloyd! I'm going to plug the 20th Ann in without the EP15A, I think I tried this before but just to be sure I'm going to try again before I sell the P/C's! I'm going to start writing things down again!!!
Here's my short list:

Clapton "Unplugged"--------track 13
Rachael Price "Dedicated to you"--------track 1&12
Romain "Swing Guitare"--------tracks 1&3
La Follia Salzburg " Music in Austria before Mozart---track 1
Louie Armstrong "Live At The 1958 Montery Jazz Festival-------tracks 14&17
Jose Antonio Escobar "Guitar Recitial--------track 5

Lloyd haven't been able to "make myself" start pulling plugs again!!! Every time I turn the system on I land up just wanting to listen to vinyl and enjoy the music!!! I'm sure the newness of the TT system will wear off and I'll get back to messing around with equipment, a "better" phono section and then a TT and cart are in the future, but for now this "entry level" sounds surprisingly good!!! I'm probably just going to sell the 20th Anniversary PC's I know I don't prefer them with the CDP but I'll give them one shot with the TT rig!
Hi Samhar!

Guess that's the goal...enjoy the music! ;) I know exactly how you feel...I really need to check out the Amperex, but I am really happy just listening to music. Maybe switch tubes this weekend? We'll see! Enjoy the TT...sounds amazing!


How would tube dampers make the system loose harmonics if the overtones weren't spurious in the first place?
Hi Samhar,

So I finally put the Amperex 7308 ( pins) into my Zanden DAC...replaced the Mullard 7308 which I think is a fantastic tube.

So here goes.

...It is hard to call anything 'better' when (as most of us would agree) the tube's sound is totally system-dependent. So in my system and to my ears, I am going to buy more Amperex 7308's. My system has a slight tendency to the dark-side...SF Strads, Gryphon Antileon, Zanden DAC, CJ Act 2 Pre and older Transp Ref cabling (pre-XL).

The Amperex maintains all the musicality, detailing and soundstaging of the Mullard but adds a 'light' in the upper register and voices that is providing me with precisely the balance I have been looking, balancing against a tendency in my warm system to be a tad 'dark'.

I was actually contemplating upgrading Transp Ref cables to newer Ref I am holding off. The Amperex 7308 made that much difference in adding "light" to my system.

And still so musical...and mind you, my Zanden warm-up is four hours, and I am writing this after sticking the tube in for 30 minutes. So one's man's experience. Hope that helps!!
In 4 hours, I will of course 're-check'...but I am pretty confident I am going to get a bunch of Amperex 7308s.

Lloyd thanks for the update. While you're stocking up get a Amperex Holland 7308 to try, has the sparkle with a little more meat on the bones. Have you tried a Siemens Cca?
Thanks, Samhar! Always great to get advice from experienced A'Goners! I will probably wait a bit on getting add'l Amperex 7308' in the meantime may well try to listen to a few others. All I know is with the Amperex 7308 US/gold pin, I am 'done'.
My system is reaching a point where I would call it 'fully evolved' I rent my apartment, dedicated lines are not possible.

So the only piece that must be upgraded is transport. And I am contemplating finding the best customized server...possibly taking a Sonos and have it fully modified (power supply, re-clock, etc) and high-speed NAS drives by a firm in california.

While I am tempted to go with transport...I am concerned about how much longer CD's will be made. The Zanden transport is tough to justify if in 5 yrs, they are being phased out.
Lloyd that's that's AgoNer with "very little experience" compared to most here!!
I put a quad of Dr's in the C/J today what an improvement!!!!

Ck what I wrote on my page!!
Hi...Thanks Samhar...sounds interesting! will investigate. where did u find them?
I bought NOS '83's from AudiogoN member Conus but he's sold out for now. Audioblazer recommends Parts Connexion 80.00 ea.