Ebay LP Purchases

I am just getting back into vinyl after many years. There are a number of albums from the 1970's I would like to (re)purchase. What has been your experience on buying used vinyl on ebay? Any tips or warnings? Do sellers overstate the condition? Thanks in advance.
I have used both EBay and Amazon. I found Amazon to be easier to deal with especially when it comes to returns. BUT, you should remember that what is VG+ or E to you may not match the sellers criterion. I have found that most dealers on line are giving a visual rating. Just because it looks good doesn't mean is sounds good. I always send an email asking the seller to play the record and report on the condition before I buy.

Searching for vinyl becomes an addiction that borders on obsession so buying from a brick and mortor store where you can physically listen to the record before you buy is the best way to obtain quality vinyl.
I think Ebay recently tighten up the selling standards and threatened to cut off sellers who get bad feedback as I was told by a few dealers I bought from.I look for close to 100% positive and a return policy.Also if in doubt I ask questions.So far I've been doing very well,or course there will be a dishonest seller overgrading rubbish but with return policy you only lose postage.I find Ebay today pretty good,I far cry from 20 years ago buying from Goldmine,incredible overgraded rubbish,I just stopped.
With the demise of the $1.00 no reserve auctions on Audiogon I am basically out of business here. I have had to return to eBay, Amazon and Gemm. Hoping to see the return of the $1.00 no reserve part of Audiogon, but I am going to hold my breath on that one. So the three K i was spending with Audiogon has now gone elsewhere.
As with anything you need to buy from trusted sellers, that said I buy all my used vinyl from Discogs.com and record shops.

If you live in a rural area, find the closest large city and go record shopping.

I have afew record stores in Houston that I frequent, one of them specializes in used vinyl. I am a couple hours away, so I drive up and make a day out of it.