Well I never received my item, sent over twenty e-mails to ebay....waited 14 days and not one nickle has come my way.......I talked with a very nice, heavily accented person in another country, could not understand him, and I read every document that e-bay can print to deceive a buyer into thinking something is being done........And I have received nothing but a head ache.......So the buyer should be ware........Its not as it appears on the internet    


I felt this was a open forum, but maybe its a Audiogon only forum....It could be my mistake.......I have made a few......Anytime I've had this kind of problem on Audiogon (getting a refund) I've had to go straight to pay-pal to get help......That's why I don't sell on Audiogon anymore.......They are less help than ebay, but they don't promise anything............Will

I had similar problem on ebay...sent a short message on their "problem" form, had my full refund within an hour...

Use ebay help thru app or website and initiate a case. Talking to customer support is a waste of time. 

Other’s experience including mine is different. I’d look at how I handled this and consider what I should have done differently. 20 emails in 14 days is quite a lot. Maybe they are still working through all of them or perhaps were overwhelmed.


 Ive done over 500 transactions on eBay. The handful of times I had an issue, I contacted the seller and was issued a replacement or refund. Your credit card should offer you some protection, no?

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Has the item shipped? Do you have tracking? If you don’t have shipping confirmation, then I can see why you would be upset. Have you filed an item not received claim? 

I recently had a similar issue with non-delivery on eBay (not an audio item).  I emailed the seller multiple times over several days with no response.  Then I went back to the ebay item details page.  There was a button - get refund, or something like that.  I clicked it, followed the instructions, and had my $ back in a few days.

My advice would be to open eBay's dispute procedures as soon as something goes wrong. If the item does eventually turn up and is OK , then you can apologise (profusely ?) to the seller. eBay keeps your payment in a form of escrow - if it has released payment to the seller it's a case of tough luck !!

I ordered an item, actually won a bid for an item, the seller never sent the item, never responded to any of my emails etc, I opened a dispute and I got my money back in about two weeks. Now granted you have to go thru the waiting period process, but I did get a full refund.

USAM reasonable fees never had a problem. Moderators, hall monitors will delete this too.

I Swear EBay becomes scammers favorite place to scams people now

I think eBay is SOLD they’re no more the same 

So recently I purchased something on eBay almost $1k tracking number shows that is delivered to my house but in reality nothing is delivered I contact USPS for more information after three days they emailed me with the scanning and pictures information of the item 

the item supposed to weight 35 pounds but the actual item which supposedly delivered to my house is two pounds and it was delivered to some where in our neighborhood NOT on my address with all this info from USPS eBay’s will not close the case and refund so I contact my credit card company to report and got my money back 

To me eBay becomes DANGEROUS PLACE to buy totally unacceptable  (BEWARE BUYERS)

I had to giggle at  p05129 for suggesting PayPal. Those thieves are as bad if not worse than Ebay. They are in it for them selves and the companies that pay them under the table. I have even had more than one company like MalwareBytes that told me in no uncertain terms that PayPal frequently rips off their customers and they can not get any resolution for them other than dealing with their customers off the books in the background.

I have 1,323 purchases over 20+ years from ebay.   A few I "Did not receive the item".  12? total. Emailing the seller.  I got credited for most of the items.  A few I filed a "Dispute" with ebay after "no replies" from the seller.  I had proof thru ebay's messaging that I made multiple attempts to contact the seller.  I did have to wait a couple weeks after filing the Dispute.  I got a refund from ebay.

All purchases were thru PayPal.  I paid PayPay with my American Express Business Gold card.  Problems?  Ebay, then PayPal, last resort American Express.


I make purchases on ebay and I buy from vendors that have numerous sales at 100% satifaction. If you want to by supra cables ebay is about the only place I could find for buying them in the USA. The seller (Zenda) is legit. I have made close to 150 puchases on ebay and I had to return a used computer once, and the seller made good on it. I do agree that paypal sucks but in some cases I would not buy without it.

Well paypal got so bad I was using my credit card on ebay......Now I have two orders of 8 tubes each that didn't get here, I file a claim with e-bay and the claim says two tubes 61.00 but the order was two sets of 8 tubes, here goes another month of trying to get  my money back.......The crooks win , the buyer loses .....Its the ebay way........W

I use my credit card for all purchases; even PayPal goes through my credit card. My bank has always refunded me for the few disputes I've ever had; they've got good lawyers for dealing with these things..