Well I never received my item, sent over twenty e-mails to ebay....waited 14 days and not one nickle has come my way.......I talked with a very nice, heavily accented person in another country, could not understand him, and I read every document that e-bay can print to deceive a buyer into thinking something is being done........And I have received nothing but a head ache.......So the buyer should be ware........Its not as it appears on the internet    


I recently had a similar issue with non-delivery on eBay (not an audio item).  I emailed the seller multiple times over several days with no response.  Then I went back to the ebay item details page.  There was a button - get refund, or something like that.  I clicked it, followed the instructions, and had my $ back in a few days.

My advice would be to open eBay's dispute procedures as soon as something goes wrong. If the item does eventually turn up and is OK , then you can apologise (profusely ?) to the seller. eBay keeps your payment in a form of escrow - if it has released payment to the seller it's a case of tough luck !!

I ordered an item, actually won a bid for an item, the seller never sent the item, never responded to any of my emails etc, I opened a dispute and I got my money back in about two weeks. Now granted you have to go thru the waiting period process, but I did get a full refund.

USAM reasonable fees never had a problem. Moderators, hall monitors will delete this too.