eBay secretly over charged sellers

I sold my AVR on eBay for exactly $550 local pick up
ebay took $73.47 got $476.53 how that happened if they’re charging 12.55 % fees ? It was free to listed 
Customer service was able to explain to me exactly what is going on 
I buy and sell on eBay since 2010 and after PayPal got separated eBay becomes greedy and over charge sellers 
thanks goodness now we have more options 
That's only one of the reasons I don't sell on ebay any longer... I've had good luck with Reverb, Audiogon and US Audio Mart. 
OP said: " Customer service was able to explain to me exactly what is going on"
- So what was the explanation?
I’ve pretty much quit selling on eBay. Fees are ridiculous. Check that they didn’t charge you for shipping, even though it was local deal.
EBay has always been charging sellers 10% + 3% for PayPal. That's $13% off what the seller gets! Capitalism triumphant! Plus the buyer has to now pay state sales tax! Here in Florida that's 7%. I'm going to sell on US Audio Mart.
EBay does have a larger viewership than any of the other sites! I am surprised you were unaware of EBay's fee policy!
@ jasonbourne52
Why would you not list on Audiogon? You do a lot of posting here. I guess you want a free ride!!
"EBay has always been charging sellers 10% + 3% for PayPal. That’s $13% off what the seller gets! Capitalism triumphant!"

eBay separated from PP a couple of years ago and is now handling what PP did in house. The final value fee (in many categories, not all) is 12.55% + $.30 listing fee per order. In the year before the split with PP, the fee was 3.5%. So that is $550.00 for the sale minus $69.02 FVF + $.30 listing fee for a total of $69.32. $550.00 - $69.32 = $480.68 - $476.53 = $4.15 short. My guess is that the additional amount was a credit card fee, from the buyer or he might have listed it in the wrong category.

BTW: I sell tons of stuff, mostly non audio related on eBay and think that what eBay provides in terms of exposure, easy format, ease of shipping and general customer support is a bargain.

I sell a lot of smartphones cloths and electronics that’s  why I can’t post here Audiogon 
after speaking with another  eBay representative he told me this : the buyer is going to pay tax on my item so whatever tax applies then they’re going to charge me 12.55% of total amount 
For me this means they’re misleading us with 12.55% they’re lying 
why do you have to charge me the money I did not receive? So if the buyer is going to pay $20-$40 more for tax why do you have to charge me as a seller on that money (tax)  I’m not going to receive? Doesn’t really make sense 
If so then we all sellers are paying separate TAX  before fees so the BUYERS 
when you go the details of the transaction all this tax BS is not there only shows fees 
Before PayPal and eBay got separated I never pay more than 3% on PayPal  or 10% eBay so I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ where 3.5% PayPal fees  you’re talking about 
@dill the item I sold was local pick up so shipping does not apply 
technically what they’re doing is add the tax amount to the final sale price so they can charge you more that’s scam 
so my case they’re charging me 12.55% base on $583 instead of $550 I sold it
what a scammers 
Have you looked in your seller hub for a deduction to cover that amount? I wonder if it is a surcharge since eBay is now handling the tax money. I live in a state with no sales tax so I get no tax info.
@donvito - like a lot of people, I post here and sell
on USAuduomart - you keeping tabs?
eBay, as mentioned by one of the other posters, is the biggest game in town with the most exposure for your item. That's what you pay for when you go there, otherwise start your own auction website and pay what you want. Buenos suerte.
In reality, if you're a seller on eBay, you know what a particularly tone deaf organization they are for their sellers. Most of the changes that have taken place over the last 20 years haven't been beneficial for sellers and as a result you saw a visible drop in quality sellers. Bottom line is they don't seem to care if you stay or go and they continue to hand their paying sellers off to offshore customer service reps who barely understand the language. Good luck with that, I've been selling elsewhere since the PayPal split.

There is still one good thing about eBay - their Global Shipping Program. I have yet to find a similar reasonably priced, convenient to both seller and buyer, service to get bulky items shipped from US to Europe. I have successfully purchased an AVR, subwoofer and floorstand-speakers. All other shipping options - USPS, DHL, UPS - were priced way too high.
Thanks to eBay GSP the transaction became at least half reasonable.
eBay are cheap!!

Christies, Sothebys, Bonhams and most other auction houses charge the buyer 25%+ taxes plus another 8%+ taxes to the seller.  Here in Europe the taxes are typically 20% of the charges.

They turn over billions.