I have recently sold some audio equipment on eBay and noticed that eBay charges 13.25% on the sale of the item sold, but they also charge that same % on the sales tax that they collect! 🤔 is this legal? This just seems strange to me. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Another big beef, eBay sides with buyer regardless how you list. Example; amplifier sold everything working, package arrived visually in good shape. Through jarring various lights weren’t working buyer wanted his money back, my options were believe buyer and pay an out-of-town repair, or refund all fees. Refusing eBay then refunds all charges to buyer let’s them keep the amp and wants to bill me for everything !!  Of course I told eBay to eat S…  I successfully sell elsewhere, and use eBay through other accounts when necessary, lesson read the fine print, ensure your articles.

Ps ;  As a seller use a checking bank account just for eBay (as did I) without an overdraft so that you can close it instantly should things go bad because they do have the right to get in there anytime they want, again read fine print. 


eBay didn’t charge a fee on shipping and the last time I bought something, they didn’t charge me a fee on the tax.

in the past, you would see a widget for sale on the cheap but the shipping was 10x more than what it actually cost to ship.

@8th-note  nailed it btw....

Paying around 15% or so to achieve an honest auction value for an item is a much better alternative in my experience.  

At the end of any day, eBay is a 24/7/365.25 auction at its' core.

As is Audio Mart, and the plethora of others for that which boats your float...;)

And shipping frequently becomes Your Problem.

15% is the price of admission to their vast buying audience and site logistics.  Seems fair enough to me.  I have bought and sold a lot of Tubes (best site to sell on) , CD’s and LP’s  with great success on eBay.  Higher priced items like components I sell on another site to avoid the high fees.