Echo Busters or Room Tunes?????????

Hi. I've been looking at these for acoustical treatments. I have Martin Logan electrostatic speakers and I've been told by a few other Martin Logan owners that the Double Busters - "Diffusion & Absorption" work great behind the panels and possibly throughout the room itself. Any information on how to use these and what others have thought of them would be greatly appreciated. Is there a difference between Echo Busters and Room Tunes? Any info where I can purchase or demo these would also be appreciated.Do they ever come up used?? Is there a possible way to make my own? If you can save a little money, you can save a little money. Thanks for any help in advance and Happy Thanksgiving to all.
I have the Double Busters behind my ML speakers and think they bring more sound into the room and beyond the sides of the speaker panels. I got them in 18" x 5' size and am experimenting with different wall and floor placement.
Save your money and buy some new music or gear or just leave the money in the bank!

Go to www.Audio and start reading Jon Risch's thoughts and discussions on room treatments. Lots of other guys have added to his excellent thoughts. There are also several other sites that offer good thoughts on room acoustics and how to accomplish it on the cheap. Do a search for "DECWARE". Read.

Every room is different and your going to have to read other peoples thoughts and relate them to your own room, then at least initially go get some of the cheap materials Jon recommends and try them. Wall padding can just be taped or tack to the wall with pins or whatever initially, cause you will need to experiment with position. In the end, you will want some of the panels 4 inches or so off the wall. But just to experiment, you can just tack it up. If you do not like the sound of it, you can always take most of it back (rolls of insulation for bass traps) to the lumberyard. If you like the initial sound, then go buy the rest of the burlap, polyester fill squares, poly loose batting, etc at WalMart or wherever. At least this way you get an initial taste of what room treatments can make for you while minimizing the initial risk and financial investment.

If you go buying Echo Busters, etc., you will get a good product I am sure and it will be more polished in its looks, but you could have achieved the same, or maybe done better for a whole lot less. Educate yourself.

Personally, I never realized how much difference room treatments and placement of them could make in the presentation of the sound, and how cheaply (compared to commercial units) one could construct these IMPORTANT accessories.

ALSO, Do not be afraid to pull your speakers out from the wall. Mine are over 5 feet. And I am just beginning this Thanksgiving Room Acoustics Marathon. Thank you Lord for STEREO and Turkey too!!!

red2's response is right on the money,audio asylum has several forums that deal with your problem.go to the rives room acoustics and also the planar speaker site.planars and electrostatics are different from other speakers in that they are dipolar[they fire to the rear also] different animals.
whatever you do...too much absorption behind these speakers kill the soundstage and deaden the sound.these speakers need diffusion materials behind them.sometimes a fake ficus tree behind each will do the trick.
good luck..check it out with the pros over there.
Echo Busters really helped my bright room slap echo aspects, and they add a nice decor look.

ACS Tuber traps had very little effect and dominated the room (and I didn't have enough to do it properly).