Eco-friendly Bamboo ply speakers

Anyone hear the Escalante Design bamboo speakers at the NYC show this year, i missed that room somehow. They make some pretty cool claims in their ads, but how do they sound? Thats a lot of money for monitors so they have some stiff competition in that range. Can anyone respond on the sound? Thanks for listening
I don't think there are thousands of Pandas, but here's a quote from the website"Bamboo harvesting does not kill the bamboo plant. The bamboo plant sends up new shoots to reach its full size in just a couple of months. Some bamboo species grow 48 inches in 24 hours, and can reach 100 ft. in 60 days" In my book that sure beats cutting down the rainforest!
I don't know about speakers, but I've been eyeing some bamboo cutting boards in a local shop to try in a DIY isolation platform project.
The problem with the claim of "Some bamboo species grow 48 inches in 24 hours, and can reach 100 ft. in 60 days", this is only a partial truth. It takes consistant watering of the plant for 8 to 10 years before it reaches this stage of phenomenal growth. During the 8 to 10 years it does not grow much. I understand their point that 8 to 10 years is faster versus the 50 to 75 years for an oak tree, but they seemes to omit the complete picture. It is a good idea for a speaker finish, thought. We have bamboo flooring in our home and we love it. I wonder if I need speaker to match our floor. There is an idea.......let me go and ask! It is either mahogany to match the furniture or bamboo to match the floor. Hmmmmmm, hey Baby, is it okay for me to purchase a new set of speakers to match the.....................