Eco-friendly Bamboo ply speakers

Anyone hear the Escalante Design bamboo speakers at the NYC show this year, i missed that room somehow. They make some pretty cool claims in their ads, but how do they sound? Thats a lot of money for monitors so they have some stiff competition in that range. Can anyone respond on the sound? Thanks for listening
Looks good from the numbers. No crossover I presume. Are you building a Carolina Audio JTM clone? You should start a thread to keep us informed on your progress.
Hi Creeper, thanks for the interest. No JTM clone. Because I only listen at 70dB, a single driver speaker is practical for the way I listen. Furthermore because they beam above 3-4kHz, I don't have problems anymore with boosts in HF from wide dispersion drivers reflecting around the room. And this happened with every speaker I tried, even the soft dome ones.
This speaker has just the single 4" driver (no whizzer) in a box with no T-L. I have my current Tang-Band 871s 3" paper driver against the wall. Measures flat to only 80hz which does not cut it. I don't know if the new speaker will be sealed or vented. Will have to see how much bass it produces sealed. As Sean wrote, less bass but greater *extension* because of more gradual LF rolloff. If I tuned the box to 70Hz bass may drop off fast below the 70Hz and so a sealed box will give less bass at 70hz but more bass at 30 hz. No big deal to put in a vent later.
Fostex has such low x-max (usually .35mm) that I don't see adequate bass. They seem to start rolling off at 200hz vs. the 3mm x-max Tang-Band's 100hz. Also some have mechanical Q as high as 8.5. Maybe they sound good but the ones I've heard sounded bright. I think partially from the lack of bass and partially from ringing of high Q driver.
I was considering the FR-125 from but I don't need 9mm xmax when the speaker is against the wall. Also because of the bass output, No (Musical power) is only .242% and SPL is 85 dB while the Tang-Band is .501% and 89dB. Not high efficiency but without an x-over still plays quite loud on low power. I guess the x-over on the Mission speakers (with some sort of bass boost circuitry) lowered *effective* efficiency to 2-4dB lower than x-overless speaker.
So this is the best I've come up with on paper. The Tang-Bands are only ~$32 each and my speaker design has a removable front and back panel sealed with foam tape. They will sort of look like Epos. I'm getting extra front panels so I can just drill out a front panel for a different driver hole, drop the new front panel in the speaker cabinet and voila - new speaker. Or may go with a standard 2-way front panel which I can drop in if I get tired of a single driver.
After this, I would like to build an amp3 kit from Costs $25. I think the T-amp will complement a warm sounding driver like the Tang-Band very well. T-amps are said to have good detail and stereo separation but can sound thin, and bright from HF garbage. Single driver don't have much HF extension to begin with so I don't see this as a problem.
This is just my opinion, but I see a lot of people (myself included) moving away from hi-rez metal tweeters, etc. towards "lower res" vinyl, tubes, etc. Until a stereo can remove ALL the HF distortion from the electronics, power supplies, cables, power from the wall, you're listening to a lot of HF garbage along with the HF music. So hence the move away from this type of high resolution. Where I differ is the thought of "why spend a lot of money for "low rez"?" My single driver speaker tends to have a tube-like/ vinyl-like sound quality. And I'm not paying for the high rez of B&W. Or high price tubes and vinyl to subsequently reduce the resolution. I'm not worried about the nice tonality of tubes and vinyl, doesn't matter so much to my ears. Plus I still have the convenience of CD's where I burn all my favorite songs onto one CD so I don't have to switch every 10 minutes.
The realy cool thing is this $32 pre-built remote control kit with motorized volume pot I found. So I can have remote volume on the power amp for $32. Not some stupid $350 rip-off priced Creek unit. No pre-amp which is a problem but my CDB puts out 2v so it's not as bad as some others.
This is more fun than audio just being a money hobby where all it comes down to is saving up money for the next purchase, IMHO.
Hello to the group. Thanks for all the informative and funny replies, but out of the 20 replies so far, no one has even mentioned the speakers! Guess i should have left out " the b word " in my post, No problem, i emailed the distributor and found out they hope to have their speakers at RMAF in Oct. I was planning on attending anyway, i had a great time at last years RMAF. I will definitely try some of the " b word " cutting boards as isolation shelfs and the Tang Band " b word " drivers too. I put non " b word " Tang Band drivers in the four doors of my car ( 4", can't remember model # )and i'm very happy with them, very inexpensive too. Thanks again, lets hear some more! On the lighter side, I had a dream last night that i was at a concert, it was 9,999 Maniacal Endangered Species performing and i was surrounded by, yes you guessed it, thousands of Pandas, they were not starving, but looked in pretty good shape(fat), most were smoking bamboo. I was offered some by a few of the very friendly Pandas, but graciously refused, not knowing what i was getting into, some Pandas that weren't smoking said that they had chewed some bamboo earlier for a more potent high, but said you have to wait 2 to 3 hrs before peaking so you have to plan ahead. I must have gottin' a contact high from all the second hand smoke, wow , did i have a buzz going! The band never sounded so good, even without their female singer who left the band years ago to pursue a solo career. I felt a little light headed, so i went to the bathroom to wash my face with cold water, and when i went to dry my face, there was no paper towels or toliet paper, just leaves! On the way back into the venue, i stumbled and fell to the floor twice, getting a few very painful splinters in my u know what! The rest of the show was great, with 3 encores, the Pandas went wild! On the way home i decided to take the long way home to try to " level out ", when i walked by the local hi end hifi store, a place called Best Buy( they sell nothing but high end equipment, it's incredible ), i looked in the window and couldn't believe my eyes, a bunch of pandas had smashed the window and were in there walking all over the high end speakers and laughing furiously, they had little bandit masks on but i recognized some of them from the concert by the outfits they were wearing. Within hours, the police arrived, they were fat and furry and looked like...........well, they looked like policemen, except that their nightsticks were not black, but a light tan/yellow color,hmmmm? When the two groups clashed, pandamonium broke loose, the bandit Pandas ran off and the policemen sqeezed back into their copcars and also left the scene. Having had enough excitement for one nite, i continued home, went inside where my ladyfriend was chopping some kind of nuts or something on her new chopping board. We munched down the "nuts" and headed for bed. I felt so good and relaxed as we cuddled up "spoon style" with my arms around her furry little waist. We eventually passed out and in the morning everything was fine until i went into my listening room only to find my precious $50,000 Lirpa Labs model 1 speakers smashed into pieces, woooooow, good thing it was only a dream!
I have a pair of Pinyons and Unita subs. I have them on the Escalante stands 75% filled with Star Sound Tech Microbearing. The fit and finish on these speakers is top shelf. My TacT Millennium MKIII digital amp upgraded by Dave Schulte drives the Pinyons. The TacT also provides stereo subwoofer outputs. The Pinyons and Uintas replaced the discontinued Talon Khorus X MKII. Dave Thomas's review in is right on for both the monitors and subs (see March 05' review). The Seas Ring Revelator tweeter is the best tweeter I have ever heard and for having only a pair of 6.5" woofers the bass is extended, fast and tight but not as extended as the Khorus (that is where the Uintas strut their stuff). In terms of musically and pinpoint imaging, the Pinyons compare against any front firing speakers out there and the Unita are the best subs I have ever heard. The Unitas easily integrated into my room and totally disappeared. For subs the bass is extremely detailed and fast. IMHO the combination of the monitors and subs far exceeds the performance of a long list of full range speakers I have owned. Definetely worth a listen.