Economical CD Transport - Thoughts?

Hi. I am interested in an economical CD transport and it appears my two choices would be an Audiolab 6000 CDTS or a Cambridge Audio CXC  V2.

I welcome your thoughts as to which is the better of the two, or if there is another I should consider.

I have had a few CXC's, using one now,  and always pleased. Cambridge sells factory refurb V2's regularly for $350 with warranty and free returns...the V1 and V2 are functionally identical, just different cosmetics...
I'm using an Emotiva ERC-4 as a transport.  It's a CDP with DAC but I bought an external DAC and it is built like a tank very solid
Get the Rega for a lower priced unit  otherwise the Pro-Ject Audio for a little more.
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