Economical CD Transport - Thoughts?

Hi. I am interested in an economical CD transport and it appears my two choices would be an Audiolab 6000 CDTS or a Cambridge Audio CXC  V2.

I welcome your thoughts as to which is the better of the two, or if there is another I should consider.

I have an Audiolab 6000 CDT, road tested with CA CXC 11, found no differences, also tried Project transport very unimpressed. CDT works very well with my Denifrips Ares 2.
There are very attractive options to be sought out in the used item sales  as well.
The CD Transport I presently use and have owned for a few years has been bought as a used item and can't fault the method.  
I did hear the CDT Model in advance at a HiFi event and that experience sold the product, I just had to find the correct purchase price to meet my needs. 

No experience with the Cambridge, but when I was in the market I did my due research and went with the Audiolab. People who had used both preferred the Audiolab, and I liked the looks better. Got it used for $400, and I couldn't be happier. No problems with the slot loader, either. 
I believe the 2 transports that the OP mentioned, Cambridge and Audiolab, are the only available “new” transports at his price point.  Used options may be cheaper including a CD player repurposed as a transport, but may have too much wear and tear.  
"also tried Project transport very unimpressed. CDT works very well with my Denifrips Ares"

Pro-Ject offers 3 CD transports at different price points. Which model are you referring to? The model receiving near universal raves is their top tier CD BOX RS2 Transport..  This is the one @bigkidz is referencing above in this thread.