Edgarhorn Titans/Seismic Sub opinions.

I am considering these speakers with the sub. Any opinions out there. Good or Bad.
I had the opportunity to listen to the whole system at VSAC for about 3 hours 2 years ago. A buddy and I sat simply amazed at the sound.

Bottom line, the mids, especially brass instruments just sounded "right". I've listened to lots of speakers and many horns. These got the mids right without being "honky".

Regarding the sub, it was what attracted us to the room in the first place. We were on the floor above in the hotel and kept hearing this really low bass that was moving the walls... We went to find the source and it was Bruce Edgar's room! What blew us away was that all of that bass was being powered by a small plate amp similar to what you see on cheap subs. Since the horn enclosure was so efficient, Bruce got away with using a really cheap amp on the bottom and the sound generated was simply amazing!

I don't think you'd be disappointed. I'd buy them if I could afford them...

Good luck!

The strenghts of the Titans are effortless dynamics and efficiency. And unlike other types of horn systems (Klipsch) they have little horn colorations, have some finesse', and look pretty good.

I've heard them at the CES numerous times. Mr. Edgar has a prop plane demo which shows the speakers dynamic ability to go loud faster without compression/distortion than any direct radiator type speaker for its size. In this regard horns rule. Bonus is Mr. Edgar is a nice guy and you would be able to ask him questions directly, ie. what amp to use, driver options, cabling, etc.

You may want to compare it to a line array type speaker (Dali Megalines, Pipedreams, Selah) before you buy. I suggest this because these types of direct radiators have similar dynamic qualities.

Check audioasylum.com "high efficiency forum" for more, albeit biased, opinions.
Contact me if you are in the Seattle area. You are welcome to come listen for yourself, and form your own opinion.

I have owned another pair of horns namely the Avantgarde Duo's and liked the impact of horns but never could get the Duos to shine in my room so I sold them and it was the right choice for me. I have also owned many other hiend speakers in my day. I became intigued with the titans at CES '04 for their sheer musicality,timbre, and low distortion......forget all of the rest that do they do so very well. I therefore took a trip to LA to spend more time in a larger room to test the imaging and depth of soundstage and other things I value. Subsequently, I committed to purchase the titan system and seismic and have never looked back. The key to these speakers is to get a quiet tube amp. that fits the strenghts of the system and use proper cabling. I have since tweeked things to even higher regards if you are interested. Best to have a nice sized dedicated room however but simply could not imagine how you could go wrong with the sound. Incidently, Bruce has been around and isn't into the hype of the reviews but gets his kicks from watching satisfied customers. Best check with Bruce on his new Titan ll system with straight midbass horn or email me for more details.