Edge NL12.1: what smallish floorstanders/monitors?

Room is 13x20 with speakers on LONG wall, so speakers
2-3 feet from wall, chair 7-8 feet away from speaker.

Most important: good, smooth vocals and ability to deal
reasonably well with older modest-quality CDs without scraping the paint off the walls.

Hate: etch/buzziness (especially on voices), searing highs, boomy/uncontrolled bass, or pushy/forward mids and fatigue of any kind.
Don't want to bi-wire.

Only source: EMM SE digital. I really don't want to change the rest of my equipment (my trusty, quiet, cool, Edge NL12.1).

Want a do-no-harm speaker. Thank you.
I own Edge NL 12.1's and now first-hand why you want to keep your amp! I don't have experience with the Vienna or Sonus speakers noted above however I would suggest you are definitely on the right track with the above recommendation towards Eggleston Works Fontaine II's. They are extremely good overall, have great imaging, mid-range, highs, etc...without the harsh attributes you mention above. If you are into classical, jazz, small ensemble works, etc....I don't see you regretting that choice. You may also wish to consider (if you can find a pair), Legacy Audio Victoria LE's.

I'm sure there are many other great choices including some of the Totem and other lines that won't break the bank and yet give you what you are looking for however I can only comment on what I've heard directly. What's your budget?

Good luck!
I guess $4K to $9K. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
Yep, that Edge 12 is one great amp. Much better controlled/transparent/detailed bass than the Pass X350 I had, and very natural mids/highs. I don't feel any craving for a tube amp.
I suggest that you listen to Sason speakers by Ridge Street Audio Design . They fit your criteria. Steve and Robert of RSAD are in LaPorte Indian.
There are lots of Sason hobbyist reviews, & a few "pro" reviews. I have only seen one used pair for sale, which is available now on audiogon. Here's the RSAD site http://home.comcast.net/~rothakoustic/SasonLtd2005.html
They offer a generous return policy also.

Consider Talon loudspeakers,Mike Farnsworth used Edge product in his original design goals. I agreed with Mike and ended up buying Talon Khorus X/2 to pair with my NL10 and Sig One and have never looked back. Musically intense...
I have used Talon Raven's and Khites. Both were good matches and I actually liked the Khite match up a bit more. I now use a one-off speaker specifically designed for the NL 12.1. Note- I still have the Raven's and Khites. You can send me an e-mail if you are interested.

You may also want to check out Green Mountain Audio proucts.