eero mesh WiFi system

Hello all, I know this has been addressed before but I couldn’t find it for some reason. I was wondering everyone’s thoughts on the eero mesh network ? My modem is on the other side of my listening room where the couch is. I would have to run cable and figure out the best way to hide it so my wife won’t get on me if I don’t go this route. Seems the be the best/easiest way overall. I will be running Bricasti M3 with Roon Nucleus. Thank you. 


You don't need a mesh just to reach the other side of the room.  That said, I had an orbi mesh.  Replaced it with an Alien router based on comments here.  My wifi is significantly better.  I haven't noticed any audio changes, but my audio system is hard wired.


I agree you don’t seem to require a mesh network in that small space. I use an eero mesh network to run Roon to 3 and sometimes 4 zones successfully in 2500 sq ft. I do run an Ethernet cable from the eero wifi node in a couple of the zones to be safer.

My Bricasti is not wireless. The only options are run 12-15 ft of wire and move the modem across the room or the mesh network. Unless I’m complexity missing something. 

If you’re just going across the room you’re probably fine with just a Wi-Fi extender like this…

Just run a good Ethernet cable or CAT7 cable from it and you should be fine.