effect of tubes in cd players

some cd players have tubes inside. Does it change the sound a lot like using a tube preamp?
I have a Granite CDP with both a SS output and a tubed output played through the same DAC . I have also auditioned a Cary player set up the same way . Both can do an A/B on the fly , very easy to hear the differences . This type of dual output CDP is really the only way to discern the differences between the two types .
First , you need to have a fairly resolving system to be able to hear the difference .
Second , the difference is not night and day . The SS side is a little more extended and dynamic .
Of course that means that the tubed side will be a little rolled off and be just a tad warmer .
While I have the option of either way , I prefer the SS side .
Again the difference is not significant .
I hope that this helps .
I had the opamps changed in the Cayin 15 to wonderful effects. , the 15 which offers ss and tube outs. The bass is a tiny bit more pronouned through the ss, but the mids and highs are superior in the tube out. So thats how I listen.
My Cayin 17 offers only tube and am in the process of making my final tweak, changing the caps. I'll post a note on the results.
Makes sense to me that cahnging the cheap stock caps with mundork M series (not their best , not the cheapest) would affect the sound, as the caps is the very last stage that the sound passes before it exits the cdp.
My Vincent CD-S6 MK is a tube hybrid.
In comparison with a Denon 2900 and Sony 900v, the Vincent is more transparent, open, accurate, pace without being harsh. So not all tube cdp are warmer.

Age 0-49 : Tube audiophile CD player
Age 50- : Non-tube audiophile CD player

Not a hard and fast rule, but something to consider.
Your Mileage (a/k/a hearing) May Vary
This type of dual output CDP is really the only way to discern the differences between the two types.

The differences you are hearing are more to the particular implementation of the tube or ss output stage. Both tube and ss CDPs are all over the place sonically. Difficult to generalize, and the same applies to results obtained with a dual output CDPs.

In a dual output player, it is highly likely, neither output type is fully optimized. I would rather have a designer stick with his opinion what sound good and accomplish his goals good as possible, doesn't matter which design.