Effective AC power conditioners for digital??

Have you found power conditioning (not just isolation) to improve the noise floor, dynamics and detail presentation of your CDP? If so what models have you found most effective?
I have been very pleased with the Furman ref series on my front end cdp and preamp as well as one for the amps, speakers ,xover and subs on the other side of the room--any ? feel free to email me --rich
BPT worked very well-better for me than Audio Magic, Audioprism. I found the PS Audio Quintet decent as well.
BPT for an 'all-rounder'; Ensemble Isolinks for transport/dac (anything digital) specifically plus Quantum Symphony Pro added to either of the above.
Makes no difference to the sound as long as the dynamics are not compressed. Doesn't fix any hum or buzzing ground loop type issues either.

That said I use a Transparent Audio PowerLink Ultra which also serves as the surge protector without impeding performance of the connected components including the amp. Of course I only paid a fraction of the $800 list price or I wouldn't have bothered with it.
In general, when trying to solve noise problems with digital equipment of any type you are working in the opposite direction than when trying to solve noise problems with analog equipment. (I am not talking about jitter problems, ) With an analog component you are trying to deal with noise already present on the power line. With a digital coponent the more likely problem is noise generated by the component, i.e. the noise is being placed on the power line by the component and that is what you are trying to defeat. The proper way to do this is via the design of the equipment itself.

In other words, if you truly have a noise problem that you can clearly hear, and you have switching components in your system, those very components are a likely candidate for the cause of the noise.

Any power conditioner that filters EMI will likely solve your problem. As many have said, this is a band aid approach. A better solution is to buy properly designed equipment or repair equipment that was properly designed but has since developed a problem.