Effective AC power conditioners for digital??

Have you found power conditioning (not just isolation) to improve the noise floor, dynamics and detail presentation of your CDP? If so what models have you found most effective?
I have to agree with Zieman. If you've ever tried a power conditioner on a Krell product, or most other over-engineered solid state products,most of the time they are of little use. Every rule has its exception, but when you're finding a dramatic difference with a power conditioner, you may simply have a device in your circuit that interacts with your audio system in a harmfull way. One of the most cost effective ways to eliminate noise in your system could be to run a dedicated power circuit to your audio system. There are other things to consider as well. I have noticed a dramatic difference in clarity when I turn my sat receiver and my wireless router off. These devices are not on the same circuit, but produce copius amounts of RF. Having said that, I do use a conditioner on my front end. I chose a Tice power conditioner to protect my gear from electrical anomolies and it does improve the sound to some degree but it isn't a mindblowing difference. From my expereince, whether or not you believe in tices TPT technology, they are still fine products. The other nice thing about tice is that no one really remembers the company since it went bankrupt 10 years ago and you can pick up a really nice isolated multi circuit power conditioner fairly inexpensively.

I hope I could help

I too have always found purchasing higher quality components with properly designed power supplies avoids the detrimental effects of conditioning altogether.

Absolutely agree. I would add that switched mode power supplies - which have become popular over the past fifteen years are a big part of the problem. These are inherently noisy and add noise back into AC wiring. TV's, Cable Boxes and PC's all often use switched mode power supplies - they are cheap...
I have a Chang Lightspeed CLS6400ISO conditioner and a Furman IT-Reference 20i. With my Ayre CX-7e CDP, the Chang makes a very slight improvement (maybe) and the sound takes a step backwards with the Furman (although this is an excellent conditioner with isolated balanced power receptacles and does very well with some other components).

I would agree with some of the other posters that selecting a good CDP with proper power supply design is the best solution if you believe you have a problem that you think would be solved with a power conditioner. If you just want to (greatly) improve the sound of your current player, I recommend a good power cord (Tel Wire or Synergistic T2). You will be absolutely amazed at the improvement.