Efficient 2 way bookshelf/monitors under 2k

Currently I have a Decware SET integrated running a VPI Prime, Parasound JC3+, Nagaoka MP200 cart, through  a pair of Klipsch RB5 II’s. Before you snicker at the Klipsch, they sound wonderful. Not as exact as my Thiel CS2.4’s, but wonderful none the less. I hooked these speakers up after years of just lying around, just out of curiosity and they astounded me. So natural. 

So so it got me thinking, what 2 way speaker would’ve be a good match for a 6 watt SET integrated.  I’d like something with 92db efficiency +/- and cost around $2k +/-.

85 dB/ 1 Watt / 1 Meter @ 8 Ohm is not efficient. Turn it up a little and you will reach clipping way too soon with 10 Watts or less. Assuming you wont sit at 1 meter, if you do then you are golden!.

I would think with only 6wpc you should be looking for 98db and up unless you listen quite low and-or near field. Horns like Klipsch, Full rangers like some of the omegas-fostex-voxativ-Rethm then your into stuff like AudioNote An (92-94db) series but they are even a bit low efficiency wise but doable if your not too loud.

You don't want to drive your tube amp at the limit SET's do increase in distortion the more power they output so driving them too hard is not going to be the best sound.

How about eh Ascend Sierra 2's? I have the Towers and really have enjoyed them.