Efficient 2 way bookshelf/monitors under 2k

Currently I have a Decware SET integrated running a VPI Prime, Parasound JC3+, Nagaoka MP200 cart, through  a pair of Klipsch RB5 II’s. Before you snicker at the Klipsch, they sound wonderful. Not as exact as my Thiel CS2.4’s, but wonderful none the less. I hooked these speakers up after years of just lying around, just out of curiosity and they astounded me. So natural. 

So so it got me thinking, what 2 way speaker would’ve be a good match for a 6 watt SET integrated.  I’d like something with 92db efficiency +/- and cost around $2k +/-.

The Fritz's really befudddled me.   I didn't expect that bass extension and volume with only 8 watts.   Very impressive!    

Omega speakers should work well with a low wattage SET. Never tried them, but hope to some day as I seem to always read good comments from people that have them.

Try a pair of surrounds from any low power surround speaker set.Or a pair from such type 2.1.I used a pair of soundstix on a 2.1 and the have great sound, but then the 10w sub fills it up.