Efficient floorstndrs. to reach above furniture

I'm getting nowhere except frustrated trying to fill large space with sound from Silverline 17.5 monitors. Subs didn't work. I'm now soliciting suggestions for efficient floorstanders with drivers located near top of cabinet to surmount obstructing furniture. Space is: 17 X 30 w/ 10 foot ceilings and adjoining 2 - storey entry. Power: Creek Creek 5350 se., which I may have to upgrade. My total budget for speakers and more powerful amp is
$ 4000.00 (used). Thanks!
Shadome, it appears, from a quick search of used gear on audiogon, that what you suggest would greatly exceed my budget. Jaybo, do you have any particular speakers in mind?
Def Tech Mythos ST's, tall, efficient, sound good and have tons of bass to boot, keep your amp and buy these new and be done.
Paradigm,Mirage Definitive Technology..Bi Polar, Dipole type speakers.Maybe you could use side firing woofers to clear furniture.JD
Zu Druid is 50 inches tall with drivers at the top. Will fill a large room and will do so with 50 watts. Typically sell for $2000/pair used. Add a powered sub and you're done.