Efficient speaker: Zu, Tekton, Volti, Klipsch, Fleetwood?

We’re moving and I’m looking for a high-efficiency, high impedance speaker that can fill a very large “great room” with smooth, open, detailed sound, both for serious listening and casual background music. I currently have Devore Super 9s, but those will be going in a separate dedicated listening room. I thought about getting another pair of Devores (maybe the O/93) for the great room because I love this brand, but I’m interested in other possibilities The new speakers will be on either side of a 6-foot TV console, so they’ll need to sound good fairly close to the wall behind them. And they will need to have a reasonably good WAF. They will be played mainly at low-moderate sound levels and our tastes include rock, classical, world music and “spa” type relaxation stuff.

Anyone who is familiar with any of the following candidates, please feel free to sound off. As you can see, price ranges are all over the place:

Zu Soul Supreme

Tekton Lore

Volti Razz

Klipsch Forte IV

Fleetwood Deville



Tekton is not in the same class as the others +1. To me, Tekton sound is not as clear and coherent. A bit fractured.

I have to put a word in for my Altec Valencia's. I just replaced the phono section tubes in my Shindo preamp, and was quite smitten with what I heard last night. Wayne Shorter ETC and Fleetwood Mac S/T Kendun press both so good. I use the Mass Mutter crossover. I love the O's, but I slightly preferred my Altec's with Shindo 300B amps. Of all the above mentioned, I will say the Volti and Klipsch comparison would be very interesting. Forte/Corwall (with room size in mind) or VOLTI. If I were to throw the door open wider, the Charney audio sounds interesting... I have read great things. I have only heard O/96's and Cornwalls. The latter impressed with an Italian hybrid amp, for which their name now escapes me. 

Raven Audio Celest Towers.  A friend has them and they are awesome with his Nighthawk from Raven (20W).

Imaging is crazy. Sound stage is spectacular.


+1 for Zu and the older Klipsch. 
According to stereophile, the Tekton speakers they measured were almost 7db less efficient than the manufacturers specs, so the zu and Klipsch are more efficient and sound more refined than the Tekton.

-10 for Tekton waf 

Just my opinion of course