Eggleston Andra III vs Revel Salon2

I listened to the Salon2 last week at a dealer. They used a pair of CJ LP140M monoblocks, CJ ACT 2 Series 2, SME 10, SME v, and Benz Ebony H, Transparent Reference with MM speaker cable, Ayre phono stage, and Synergistic Research interconnects.

The Salon 2 is indeed very good sounding. Very smooth highs, rich midrange, strong deep bass, big soundstage, very dynamic and detailed. However, the mid bass area could be a bit boomy. The dealer said it was the room that caused the boominess. He then swapped out the CJ and put in a Spectral DMA 250. The boominess lessened but I think it was due to Spectral sounding a bit lean (compared to the CJ) and the boominess was not very prominent. I think the problem could still be the room.

Anyone has any experience with Andra III and Salon2?
IMO, your discrition of the Salon sounds more like the Andra..Ive listened to the Salon2 many many times with all types of gear..Always thought it was too detailed/bright and non musical...Andra 3 is a slam dunk for me..