EgglestonWorks Andra in nearfield?

I’m considering a set of these mini-beasts, curious to know how they are in both nearfield and low volume listening.


I have a pair of Andra III's which I am currently overhauling and building new crossovers. They are fantastic and I would never sell them, however you will need a big room and big amps. They are full-range speakers and then

I also have a pair of Fontaines and a pair of Dianes which I use in my monitor system which for volume reasons I use in my townhouse.

The Dianes are perfect for you as they are for me. Much, much better than bookshelf speakers. Partner them with a Class A amp and good pre-amp and enjoy.

Egglestons, I love them, but they do have a very slight  house sound, which is perfect for me. They are untiring too.


Egglestonworks, Wilson and Soundlabs have been on my list of full rangers. I posted this thread because a local deal on the Andra’s was available. After all the great info and advice here I had to accept that they would most definitely not be a good speaker to take on in my current set up. 

I HAD A pair of Andra-1's and upgraded to Mk.2's. I HAVE A 14 X 20 ROOM with a high ceiling. They sounded great with Mark Levinson 33H mono's. I would imagine the 3's are even more wonderful. All the bass you'll ever need and very natural sounding. I didn't feel they needed much improvement. No fussy positioning required. Wish I hadn't sold them.