Eh hem!...Subwoofers... What do ya know?

Subwoofers are a thing.  A thing to love.  A thing to avoid.  A misunderstood thing.  

What are your opinions on subwoofers?  What did you learn and how did you learn it? 


In my own situation, I really really don’t want to be moving a sub 6" 12 times to compare and measure. I have about 2 locations where this 100lb beast can go, and I’m going to put it there and EQ it and call it done. :)

I love my 2 PSA 1801 subs but am really tired of moving the equivalent of 2 fully stocked refrigerators every time I want to try different placements for ’sound checks’ when I have to do the ’sub crawl’. And for some reason, I’ve tired of having to look at those beasts all the time.

Not to mention sub placement is very limited - and I’ve made my mind up to upgrade/downgrade to 4 of the smallest active/powered PSA subs for - better sound and much more choices of placement. And PSA will, take PSA trade ins/upgrades and or downgrades.


Morel 10", which are a nominal 8 ohms each. With four subs and two amps you can get a total 4, 8 or 16 ohms simply by changing the way they are connected to the amp(s).

Will a Y cable with 1 male/2 female RCA jacks in both the left and right sub outs (pre outs) give me 16 ohms? I assume probably not cause it sounds to simple and easy to do! Maybe 8 ohms might work for me? 

Anyway thanks for posting, as last time I was privy to your knowledge on this very issue it got a little ’Eh hem!’ heated but your sharing of this information to me - is the reason for the season... And I did take your advice and read the papers by Geddes. By the way I’m in metro Atlanta, you still in the ATL?
Does the direction of either the mains’  midbass driver or the sub make any difference?
Like if I point my mains away from a bass null would that help negate it?
No, its the physical position of the sub that dictates where the standing waves end up . Put the sub on your listening chair , now go around the room and find where the bass is loudest. Now put your sub there. The end. Leave your mains off during this. Makes it easier. And less violently loud while you figure it out.
Theres no magic to placing your mains . Rule of thumb is placing at eye height and the distance between them is how far either is from your head . 60 degree triangle . I’m not quite sure what you are asking but the soundstage is the biggest part . Make sure the set up is in the center of a wall . Its all about YOUR ears . Everyones ears are different. All anyone can recommend is better math.  Other wise ear buds wouldnt have adapters for different shape ears. Poor symmetry   makes premium equipment sound midfi . We were only talking about subs and the various methods of use.