Eh hem!...Subwoofers... What do ya know?

Subwoofers are a thing.  A thing to love.  A thing to avoid.  A misunderstood thing.  

What are your opinions on subwoofers?  What did you learn and how did you learn it? 

@davekayc I'm fighting a bass null at the sitting position so I wondered about, having the mains spread further apart but toed in at a steeper angle to limit low frequency waves going straight at the wall and being reflected back. Basically having the very toed on speakers sending low frequency waves at the rear wall at a steep angle vs nearly head on to negate the null.

Unless I move at least 38% of the way into the room (better at 50%) I sit in a mid bass null. I always thought the speakers were bass shy but the sub I've been messing with has the same issue so its clearly the room and not speakers. If I mive 3ft to the right of the couch/sitting position which puts me in front of the hallway entrance the sub is delivering THUNDER. Move back to the sitting position and its a little warmer at best.

Right. Same here. Same everywhere. Exact same situation in my room. 

The solution is, first move the main pair and seating position around listening for smooth but not necessarily deep bass. Just try and avoid the worst spot, basically. The bass we will fix later. Then at this point get very precise in tweaking placement for imaging. It is essential at this step to get the speakers exactly equidistant and toed in perfectly symmetrically. Finally, add four subs, one on each wall, wherever they can go but preferably no two the same distance from a corner.

What you will find, any single sub or speaker does exactly what you heard- lumpy uneven bass. Moving around only moves the lumps around. Adding more however creates lots of lumps that all together average out to really smooth. The wavelengths are so long and we hear bass so much differently that it hardly matters where they are, but it does matter a lot how many there are. So use more and the problem solves itself.
@ishkabibil "why buy speakers with limited bass response?" Some of us like the flexibility of smaller speakers that are easy to position for the best presentation.Then add subs at optimal positions around the room.There are no longer any peaks or nulls and the bass blends seamlessly. 
The sound is much less localized in my large room. Using just my mains when I’m alone is fine . You can sense the depth of bass all the way down its roll off (below 30hz ) but large room = more people . More people needs more bass . The subtly of the deep bass is no longer existent over people talking after 3-4 drinks. And you want the ability to flex your audio muscles in this case. You can be an audio snob when youre alone or else people will quit coming over. Most people dont care or have a clue to what their listening to . I’ve explained my system to out of town family and they looked at me like i was effed in the head. Anyways , 

Read why the swarm got a golden ear award then shut off the computer . 
Subjectivity and personal taste aside, clearly there are those who simply haven't experienced the advancements of current Extra Low Frequency implementation and/or software design.

Even if your speakers are equipped with built in self powered subwoofers, in all likelihood those subs are not optimally placed within their environment to take full advantage of their integrational and presentation potential. Which is why their manufactures often demonstrate them in conjunction with outboard subwoofers. 

Wilson, Magico, Focal, etc. all produce subwoofers. Its not the novelty of loud bass. Its advanced adjustability of multiple ELF parameters and thier programable control. 
@millercarbon 4 subs is a no go for me. I live in an apartment after all. I did try to move the sub next to the couch and I feel like I have it so it integrates well and isn't apparent thats its next to the sitting position.

All in all it remedies most of the problem at the sitting position. I would really rather NOT have subs at all so I don't know. I haven't had time to sub crawl AND I'm also going to play with the height of the mains. These came with 24" tall stands but have a 3"+ front port that puts the tweeters way over my ears (bass is better standing also). I'm going to try putting them on 18" tall solid objects to see what happens.