Eichmann Bayonet plugs user experience

I was going to have a new speaker cables terminated with the eichmann bayonet plugs, when the dealer advise me of this situation:

"We've found that, while there is a small reliability issue with Bayonet plugs, it's not due to the solder connection. There's a nylon shaft with a copper sheath wrapped around it and in some cases we've seen the copper shaft bend away from the nylon sheath. While we think the Bayonet is the best sounding connector for speaker cables, we do like to inform customers about this issue. But they work just fine, and we do recommend the Bayonet plugs. You just have to be a little more careful with them."

Just wonder if other users have encountered the same issue.
I didn't assemble anything. The US importer for DNM put them on. He raved about the Eichmanns, and rightfully so. They sound very clean and neutral. However, after I told him my complaints, he told me that he has RECEIVED MANY COMPLAINTS FROM CLIENTS ABOUT THESE BANANAS. He told me that he will no longer sell the Eichmanns, and will switch to another termination (at least that's what he said).
Now, with all due respect Dave, maybe you received some wonder plugs because you are THE ONLY PERSON I have come across that had no issues. I wish I didn't have any either. Like I said, they sound wonderful.
I will say this: Although the Eichmanns have PERFORMED incredibly, their ease of use and reliability have been nothing but a dissapointment due to their shody and radioshack quality craftmenship. At this price I expect Eichmann to engineer something a little better.
Well, unless they changed the design sometime, and the ones I see
advertised look exactly like mine, I simply can't understand the problem. The
KEY is making sure the blue barrel locks to the black plastic. Once this is
done, the thing is solid as a rock. Maybe the DNM importer missed this step,
although I can't imagine it, or it loosened after you got it. I've recommended
them to others who have reported zero problems, so again, I flat-out don't
understand what went wrong with yours.

BTW, I had some DNM interconnects, didn't think much of the way they
sounded, and ended up cannibalizing the Eichmann Bullet Plugs from them
and reterminated other cables with these. Still using them. Dave.

EDIT: I just found one of these I was using when I was experimenting with
the use of 14-gauge Home Depot wire as speaker cable. It was a bitch to
assemble because I was using THREE 14g wires into EACH Eichmann banana
before crimping it. I disassembled this one and it was in perfect condition.
The bayonet comes with instructions for installation, but most don't bother reading it.
The key is to line up the spring wire on the banana with the writing on the housing, these MUST be on the same side.
If not, the copper sheath will slide up and down the banana.

The early versions of the bayonet did not have the spring wire, it was later incorporated by Eichmann.
My dealer terminated my Eichmanns incorrectly. Apparently, he never lined up the spring wire with the housing as Scar972 said to do. Turns out, of my 12 bananas, 7 were made incorrectly. I only noticed 5. Anyway, I'm not using them anymore as I've switched to another. I told my friend about this, who also has them, and he loosened the screws and twisted them to their correct possition. I didn't think that would work, but he said it did, so...
Why can't people just do things correctly. Can't trust anyone anymore.