ELAC - Adante... what’s the verdict?

Heard these at Axpona...  

However I’m amazed no one is talking about them, now that they’re out at dealers.  
The Adantes do need a considerably long break in period. I will say if you have the patience and willing to take the journey with these speakers you will be rewarded. It's been 4 months and the bass, treble and midrange have opened up to reveal this speakers true ability. It has been a great journey thus far. These have become my favorite speakers so far in my 30+ years in this hobby. Feed them solid quality watts and you will be amazed. 

Your verdict was excellent and appreciated.  

If you remember we were the dealer that started the Elac and Naim thread which got torpedoded by some certain posters who hail the world resolves around a certain speaker company who makes speakers with first order slopes and were threatned by an open discussion.

We personally feel that the industry is making an exciting new turn in somewhat affordable products that produce some remarkable performance and can hint at the best products available. 

We like the Elac Adantes and present them to people looking for a very visceral, dynamic sounding and exciting speaker.

A new addition is the Quad Line to our store, and the Z series and the S series are mind blowing affordable loudspeakers.

The Quad line has two series the S series which starts at a $700 and $1,000 monitor, with 2 floorstanders at $1,800 and $2,100.00


The Quad speakers feature totally proprietary ribbon tweeters and wooven carbon fiber drivers in nicely damped cabinets. 

The more expensive Z series uses a bigger ribbon and more sophisticated drivers, again with an upgraded cabinet, startiing a $2k for a monitor and $4.2 and $5k for their floorstanders. 


All we can say is WOW!  The Quads are silky sounding, yet  with great detail and a huge soundstage. The Quads are more delicate and airy sounding than the Elacs but lack the Elacs sense of excitement and deep viceral bass. 

The Quad ribbon tweeter is stunning, it creates tremendous detail yet sounds much richer and less harsh then any true ribbon tweeter we have ever experienced. 

The point we are making are both the Elac and Quad lines are challenging much more expensive speakers and yes we sell speakers up to $70k. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

Hi... I'm curious now.  I got a 60w tube amp and 60/100 w (8/4 ohms) Class A FET amps.

They are driving, respectively, Acoustic Energy AE1s and Maggies 1.7s.  (same preamp and front end).  The result is systems with good bass, excellent midrange and extended (and very, VERY clean/detailed ) highs.   The Maggies don't play as loud as I need more power.

How will these speakers work?   I'm afraid my amps won't have the power given that cruel 85db sensitivity.  BTW, the room is 14x20x8 feet.
guys, now the AS61 Speakers are run in and wow the sound so so perfect for my listening area, I have only a 10 ft wide area and 16 ft long but I use only 12 and 7 ft ceilings, I have sold HiFi and bought many systems from B&W Electrostatics Yes they did make some the DM70, owned M Logan Electrostatics and Maggies but these little speakers AS61 seem to produce more detail and life. I am Astounded and did compare them before buying with a few of the biggest names in Hi-Fi eg KEF, B&W and others.I would ask you to listen to a few tracks which will confirm how great these speakers are.
For top end
Album: Touching Silk by  FrankSteiner Jr  5 Bells of the Himalaya
For Drums and transient.
Album: Human -OST   by Armand Amar  3 Dam in China.
For voice Album: Nostalgia by Annie Lenox Track 2 Georgia on my mind  Flac &MQA stunning.
I have too many orchestral Examples to go into but I love Mahler and Tchaikovsky and these speakers bring out so much detail it is unbelievable.

I know you have loads of test discs but it was the above ( All Available on Tidal) that showed me just what these speakers could do Thank you and thanks to Andrew Jones this Design is Fantastic

Paired with my Wyred 4 sound ST1000 Amplifier there is loads of Dynamics and micro detail.
Here is a review. They are already showing up in the barely used market.

I automatically ignore anything written by Steve Guttenberg at CNET. The guy writes like he’s getting kickbacks from Andrew Jones and ELAC. Just not a reliable source - especially re: ELAC products.

I should note my personal connection to the matter - I purchased a pair of Uni-Fi UB5s very early on the basis of Guttenberg's sunshine pumping review(s) and wasn't impressed. Some dude running a website called "noaudiophile" had a much more accurate description of the sound - which was basically "squawkbox past 95dB" - I couldn't have agreed more. Just not a pleasant speaker at higher than average volumes.