Elapsed Time Counter for Tracking Stylus Life

A perennial issue for us anal retentive analog types -- how to know when to change out your cart. Some keep track of sides played, others use the time use trackers in their tube phono stages, while others don’t bother

Haven’t you asked yourself if someone makes such a thing? Turns out they do but mostly for industrial control applications and not available stand alone.

Given I’m now running two carts and have a habit of playing bits of sides (nor could I be bothered to record how many I’d played) I’ve decided to build my own based around this simple module -- two of these, with two on/off switches and two reset buttons, will do the job! Finally I put my EE degree to use 😉. Should be <$100 all in and I can make it look nice

I’ll report back on this project once completed -- potentially the same idea is good for those that need to track tube life and lack an built in meter as well
Seems like such a device would be useful as well for tracking hours put on tubes. Easier, maybe, than summing up times from a manual log.
If you can find one, the last version of the Phoenix Roadrunner had an accumulated playing time counter based on the revolutions of the platter.
I´ve kept meticulously record on every stylus I play since my first true HQ cart, way back 1987. I know exactly the true hours and the status/condition of all my stylii. I also have learned to notice dust/dirt/residue on stylus tip, even on pro cleaned as sound becomes distorted. This happens surprisingly often although I brush the stylus before each LP play.
 I love it, please let us know how it goes!  Are you ordering them directly from the manufacturer?