Electric bill any high

My electric bill has almost doubled since I added streamer and DAC. . How can I reduce consumption?

My Spectral amp and MIT Powerbar are plugged into the wall. My Spectral CD player, Spectral preamp, Aurender Streamer, and Berkeley DAC are plugged into s MIT Powerbar.

My preamp and DAC are always on. As is the Z powerbar. My CD player is on standby. I turn off the amp and streamer.

Is there snythungvi can do or do I just have to pay the Man for this expensive hobby.


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It’s good practice to vacuum the coils once every year or two anyway.  Many found at the front bottom of the fridge behind a snap on grill.  The fan pulls air through them.  

My guess would be the compressor in your refrigerator. Amazon sells apparatus that you can use to measure current use. Good luck!

Happy listening. 

Do a audit of all the wattage of Audio system, appliances and fittings. you get which is Guzzler. In Audio system Power amp/Integrated amp(exception digital amp) consume more power other almost negligible.

One big problem is if one coil on a water heater burns out the other starts taking the place for two and will cause your electricity bill to double. It happened to me and one of my daughters found that out. My electricity bill isn't affected by my stereo usage to very much of any degree.