Electrocompaniet Bass prowess

Everything I read about the EMC-1UP talks about how analog it sounds. I never hear anything about slam, or deep bass capability. It seems like most of the reviewers talk about how good it is on acoustic jazz recordings, never pop music, or anything with deep bass synthesizer or organ notes. (The same goes for the Audiomeca Mephisto, too.) Can this player cough up the deep dynamic bass, with conviction, strength, tighhtness, and the fuzziness of top-notch bass reproducers? Or at least as good as a Wadia 830? Or is lack of deep bass part of the analog-likeness?
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I am using the EMC in my system. It does not have the absolute latest upgrade; however, my system has more than enough bass for me, given the limitations of my speakers (Merlin Milleniums w/BAM, cut off at 28hz). So, I can't speak for the absolute bottom octave. I listen to what you could call 'rock', more like virtuoso guitar music. I have no subwoofer (actually I'm selling it now because i never use it), don't really miss it.