Electrocompaniet ECD-1 or Audio Logic 24MXL

I am putting together a very transparent electrostatic headphone system with tube based amplification. I am in the search for a DAC that will work well with this level of transparency.

I have found the Electrocompaniet ECD-1 and the Audio Logic 24MXL as two possibilities. Many seem to think that the ECD-1 is a very good values and does many things well - including very nice soundstage and bass slam and extension. It seems that the 24MXL is a little more highly regarded in terms of realism and liveliness.

I want a source that is very dynamic and adds life to the music. Bass performance and extension is very important. I want great detail retrieval and sense of PRaT. I find myself mostly listening to progressive rock lately and timing and sense of pace is very important to me.

Any suggestions, comparisons or comments is much appreciated!

Peter G.
I own an Empirical Audio modded ECD-1 that is for sale right here on Audiogon. The modifications open up the DAC very nicely and I would describe the sound as bold & dynamic. It improved every source (from cheap DVD player to expensive transport) I connected to it. I've never heard the Audio Logic 24MXL. Good luck with your search!
I am still undecided. I am currently using the Stax SR-404 with the SRM-1 MKII solid state amplifier and it sounds wonderful but my Rotel's internal DAC, though nice for the money I am sure, is not up to the task.

Routeman21: Would you describe the Empirical Audio modification as a worthwhile one? What characteristics are improved?

The SR-404 is known to have a bit of an emphasis on treble which I notice. But it is less of a problem to my ears when the source is improved (tried 24/48 DVD video through a Pioneer 51FD using 24bit/192kHz Wolfson DAC - smoother but the Rotel bettered it in PRAT). Also, the bass is incredible in its extension but it has less "impact" than I am wanting. Bass seems to significantly improve with better source as well. With these two things in mind it seems like the ECD-1 may give me improved bass and a slightly lessened treble which may lessen the headphones treble emphasis.

There seems to be varying opinions on the 24MXL. I get the impression that it is more dependent on system synergy.
The Audio Logic is a pretty good DAC for the price you can get it for used, but compared to some of the more recent popular DACs like Benchmark, Lavry, Stello, etc it is roughly the same sound quality with the advantage of being smoother and more tubey sounding but giving up some dynamics. The Accustic Art DacI Mk4 I have now is quite a bit improved over the 24mxl and I really didn't know what was missing till I compared.