Electrocompaniet ECI-3 or Classe CAP-151

Hi All,

My new speakers are the Gallo Reference 3, which will include the Subwoofer Amplifier.

I currently own the Electrocompaniet ECI-3 integrated amp, rated at 70W x 2. I have the opportunity to get my hands on a Classe CAP-151 integrated at a very good price, which is rated at 150W x 2.

Has anyone compared these two perhaps? Which one do you think would be a better match for the Gallo Ref III?

For heaven's sake, slow down. Please enjoy your audio upgrade journey and stop second-guessing yourself and introducing unknown variables to your upgrade. Please excuse my bluntness but it only comes from a good place. The reason why you chose the Reference III in the first place is due to the inherent warmth of the ECI-3 Integrated Amp. Many people would love to trade place with you and own this amp. You are taking your eyes off the upgrade ball.
There's always a good sale around the corner if you're patient. Don't jump at the CAV-151 because you may get a good deal. Get the Reference III and enjoy them with the ECI-3 for awhile before you make your next decision. What happens with you bought the CAV-151 to use with the Reference III and ended hating the combination? How would you know which is the culprit? The 70W of the ECI-3 are more than sufficient to drive the mids and tweeter of the Reference III especially in light of your plan to get the Reference 3-SA.
I agree with Gaudio. I owned the CAP-151 and loved it. I always had my eye on the ECI-3/4, though. That is one fine piece of equipment, in my opinion. Enjoy it.
I love my ECI-3...and even when I upgrade, I'm probably gonna keep it.

depending on how much I upgrade of course...but when I do...it'll probably be to separates.

why'd you have to go and post this...now you have me thinking...and when I think...I spend $$$...I'd better go listen to my ECI-3 and get my butt off this site for now.

happy listening