electronic music

I am looking for new classical music that uses mostly or only electronic instruments. But not slow stuff -- Eno, Luther Adams, etc. -- but with more energy. Electronic instruments offer possibilities that objects (classical instruments) don’t and I would like to listen to something that makes musical sense, not just thumping DJ electronic stuff. Any recommendations? many thanks in advance.


Gonna have to stretch a bit since most are not strictly "classical" music with electronic instruments, but I second the list by @acman3 

Apex Twin is the arguably the grandaddy of modern electronic music, and an excellent place to start. he ranges from accessible/beautiful sombre ambient (Brian Eno), to lighthearted ambient techno, to insane club music, to scary nightmarish soundtracks, with a whole world of original thought between. Always interesting.

​​​​​​​Ryuichi Sakamoto, Nils Frahm and Floating Points hit that cross section between Classical and electronic you were specifically asking for IMO

Four Tet is a personal favorite, not quite in the classical realm, but so excellent

I'd also recommend GAS (Wolfgang Voigt) and Daedalus (Alfred Darlington)

Not 100% electronic or classical, but might be of interest here: Colin Stetson. He is a genius saxophone player. Check out his reworking of Gorecki's Sorrow. his other work is great too.

Also, Max Richter.

I'm seeing many good recommendations, so far, but nothin listed is actually classical music. 

Modern classical music in general, and modern classical that uses electronics  more specifically, tends to be quite avant-garde, atonal, and pretty "thorny" sounding. Nothing like anything in the OP, or other posts. 

But for the type of thing you are looking for, check out:

Radio Massacre International

Free System Projekt