Electrostat - M-L; Quad or Soundlab - reliable

Looking for the best electrostat that is reliable. Seems as Soundlab sounds the best performed, but is the most unreliable; Quad is second best performer - very safe - easiest to resell but also unreliable. M-L third, but maybe the most reliable.

Is the reliability issue due to people playing "Pink Floyd at 100 dB" or is reliability also an issue for us 80 to 85 dB people?
Some production runs of older-generation SoundLabs had problems with some of the materials used that would not show up in testing, but could show up later. Current generation SoundLabs have been highly reliable to the best of my knowledge, as long as they have not been damaged in shipping. In my experience, reliability issues in older SoundLabs can often be traced to improper packing when a used pair is sold and shipped to a new owner. The new PX panels are much more rigid and less likely to be damaged in shipping, but they are not totally drop-proof nor forklift-proof.

I don't think it's my place to post specifics about changes in manufacturing techniques on the internet, when SoundLab hasn't posted those changes on their website. But I invite anyone concerned about the reliability of current-generation SoundLabs to give me a call - my phone numbers are on my website, audiokinesis.com.

I am 3rd in line with Acoustat. I bought my Spectra 33's in 1988. They have been driven by B&K, Counterpoint, Krell and VTL and never needed repairs. They are now used part time but once a year they are up a running for a few months. I'll never get rid of them.
Make me fourth in line for the Acoustat's. I have the nice wide 3's and they are old and perfect sounding.
I have lived with stators all my life. Started with the Quad 57s, had Servo Statics, Quad 63s, Accoustats, InnerSounds and live now with Sound Labs. I have NEVER had reliability issues. OK, I blew a few panels of the 57, when I listend too loud and that was all. In my experience the Accoustats never even came close to the resolving power of the 63s, but they played louder and had more dynamics. Same for the InnerSounds. Concerning Sound Labs, I think Duke has said it all.
Put me down as fifth for the Acoustats.
Acoustat had a number of different model. Some preferred the earlier Full range models and some liked the later Spectra series and all the different models.

What do I think, well I think any of them are the best bang for the $$ you can find and are known as the most reliable stat there is.

Another thing is Bass, certain models of Acoustats have incredible bass and it's not disjointed like some coming from a woofer, this is all panel.

I'm into the earlier ones that run the panels full range and by that I mean there is no x-over, all panels run fullrange, very coherent, no phase issues with x-overs.

I run Acoustat X with Direct Drive Servo Tube amps.

I've had a few pairs of Maggies and still have a pair of MG IIIa in storage and traded my Eminent Technology 8a to get these. Best move I ever made.

If you can find a pair of Acoustats, grab them, and if you can find a pair with the Direct Drive Servo Tube amps, jump all over them. The amps can be easily upgraded to perform as reliable and stable as new tube amps.