Electrostatic headphone amplifier recommendation

Finding a reasonably priced electrostatic headphone amp is proving harder than I thought.  It seems like everyone likes the blue Hawaii  for my stax 'phones (SR 009) but at $6k!  Yikes!  I'm hearing mixed things about Staxs own amps, that they can be a little noisy.  Looking to spend less than $2500 ( used).  

I use my Stax SR L700 ($1500) with a Stax SRM 006s driver ($1300) using NOS RCA clear top tubes, and get great results.

I used to own a Stax SR 009 headphone, but that was too overly detailed, and "bright " for my tastes.

I have heard very expensive driver amps that are not any better.
I recently got a KGSS amp for the Stax 009 which replaced a Stax 007tii.  The KGSS is definitely much better than the 007tii.  More dynamics and better bass.  There are many versions of KGSS and you should read up on it at headfi.org.  I paid $2200 for the KGSS.  

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True Blue Hawaii is expensive at $6K but the Stax/Blue Hawaii combo is a bargain compared to Sennheiser Odyssey or HiFiMan Shangri La which are order of magnitude pricier. I have doubts whether they're better sounding. The Stax009s/Blue Hawaii is killer with Stax 009s airier than Stax 009. The 009 is great but the s gets you over the top.