Electrostatic Speakers

Hello Audiogon! Been around the forum scene for quite a while, and just joined this forum and thought I offer my thoughts on some equipment I just bought: speakers and the cables that came with it.

I couldn’t afford brand new speakers, and thought I’d try a different type speaker as opposed to my B&W 805 Diamond speakers. My dealer has loaned me Marten Logan Quest Z electrostatic speakers, as well as TARA Labs “The One” cables for this purpose. Right away I could hear a difference in sounds between the B&W and The ML. My B&W definitely have more punch to them, and the bass is quite remarkable. (this works great when I’m listening to my classic rock collection) What I found interesting was the way the ML speakers had a sound that seemed to encompass the whole room. Like a wall of sound (courtesy of Phil Spector) If you’ve never heard a good pair of electrostatic speakers, then I’d urge you to try and listen to some if you can. Really a whole new world out there. The cables that my dealer loaned me where TARA Labs. Though I’ve heard of them before, I haven’t really seen any advertising in any magazines showing off new models etc. I saw them in Stereophile Recommended components issues. I’ve always used Wireworld cables in my system before and do love them. I will say that I immediately heard a difference when I put the TARA Labs cables in my system. The high frequencies were insane to say the least. As a matter of fact, the Marten Logans with those cables really expanded when I put Dark side of the moon on (180gm vinyl) Anyone out there have any experience with electrostatic speakers?

-Brian J.
Learsfool, most guys who have not heard great horns, but love stats, will think you are crazy. They just have not heard the right horns.

I agree totally. A great horn can do the electrostatic softness, subtelty, transparency, but can also do the snap, the instant wide range transients that no stat can do.

Like you, I also like most stats.
I agree, Omsed. Horns, driven by tube electronics, sound more life-like, if we are talking non-amplified live acoustic music, than anything else. But stats do a fine job as well, I have heard some great ones.
Living with a great panel speaker (I have Apogee Duetta Sig's) for a while is like living with a great passive preamp. It might not do everything right, but once you are used to the transparency that they bring to the table it is hard to find anything else that improves on their weaknesses but still retains their strengths.
I am a stat lover and would own nothing else. Not an ML fan but definitely a STATLOVER.
You will hear a difference like you did with the cable, with more good clean power for your Quest Z. I have Martin Logan Aerius i driven by Threshold T series pre and power amp purchased new back in '98. The entire system is wired with Tara Labs RSC cable. I think Tara Labs and electrostats are a great match - to me they sounded better then all other cables I've tried. Nothing wrong with tube amps, I like them too, but I think you will need one with more power if really want to hear the full potential of your Quest Z. IMO, solid state amps with lots of good clean power work best with electrostats. Be sure to pull the speakers out at least 3 feet away from the front wall (the one facing you) and side wall.