electrostats vs ribbon drivers

i think the electrostats , in general, come closer to timbral accuracy than any speaker with a ribbon driver.

what do you think ?

in fact i think some full range ribbons are a bit hot in the treble.
Hi Rrog

The fact concerning the ML CLS is that I had the opportunity to listen to it many different times with several different amplifiers at my local brick and morter dealer, oh how I miss those days. In any case I heard these speakers matched up to what I would estimate to be among the best amplification of the day including Threshold SA-1 Class A mono amps, Audio Research D250 servo and M-100 mono amplifiers. Maybe the speakers weren't in a large enough space? Can't say for sure but I never cared for them and they ALWAYS sounded lean. What I DID hear was the potential because at that time I was unaware of any speaker that was more resolving than the CLS, that is until I heard the Apogees. The Sequels just didn't blend the dynamic bass driver with the panel and I felt they were a total failure, not at all engaging to me.
There's an Apogee forum with lots of info, especially in the older archived section.


I own a pair of Calipers that I picked up for a song and "fixed up". There's only so much that can be done though by yourself. A qualified Apogee technician is needed to replace bass ribbons since the process is detailed and difficult and a mess up means a whole new driver needs to be bought.

If you can score any Apogee from someone who lives near you then you should give them a try. I don't think I would trust these being shipped to me though - too fragile. They are 30 years old in general and need some TLC for sure.
Nandric: Hello and thank you for your response. Yes it seems that the best always die too young or go out of business. Which one is my baby? Well, i have 3 babies: One pair of Apogee Grands, one pair of Apogee Calipers and one pair of Apogee Stages. There is also one electrostatic, an Acoustat Spectra 11 which i enjoy.

The smartest choice i believe in the Apogee lineup is a Caliper or a Duetta. All Apogees require very good equipment to make them sing, but they represent, at least to me, the best compromise of size and sound.

Florianw, Thanks for your advice and post. This Apogee Grands is very astonishing speaker to me. I own the ASR Emitter II and The Basis Exclusive phono-pre which are feed with 2 (40 kgr each) transformers + 2 battery packs (40 kgr each). I call them 'the German artillery'. Alas my military vocabulary is limited so no idea how to call the
Grands althought its own name gives some vague idea. I assume that you live in a palace and use them only in the winter insteade of any other heating provisions (for the palace)? What are the other 4 amps and are you listing only to the big orchestra with them while the chamber music you 'do' with, say, the electrostatics? To decide which of the 'babies' to use should be, anyway for me, an big dilemma. I assume that you and your friends vote about the choice? I also assume that you are very happy with this
Graz who does not live in Graz buth somewhere in Australia?

Kind regards,
Nandric: Yes, the Grand is indeed my pride an joy. We used to live in a sort of palace but moved close to Switzerland and out current house does not have a room to do them justice. But thats ok, one day they will get another room. Here is a picture of a set of Grands.


A heater is not necessary because the equipment is more then enough. It is powered by four internal Krell mono amps with external power supplies and a set of four Krell KRS 200 monoblocks (110kg each). The source is a Watec Analog Turntable with an Ortofon MC Rondo. The digital source is a Sphinx Labs Project 32 which feeds into a Monarchy Audio Upsampler and Dip combo which feeds into the new Monarchy Audio NM24 DAC. The preamp is a CAT SL1 MKII that goes into the Grands.

As far as to which baby is best, there is really no competition. Soundwise its the Grand. Then comes my second favoriete which is the Stage. Incedentially the Grand is the largest Apogee ever made and the Stage is the smallest. Third place take the Apogee Calipers followed by the Acoustat Spectra 11. The electrostatic has a very good midrange and high frequency. Very much like the Apogee but lacks dynamics and the edge. The subwoofers in the Spectra 11 are rubbish, but the larger Versions which are none-hybrid like the 1+1, 2+2 and larger are very very good speakers. Sometimes can be found for almost nothing, a true bargain and almost indestructable.

Graz lives in Australia and makes all new parts and also some new models. Definetly interesting to check it out :-)